The Christmas ASCII Text Art House

Christmas Snowglobe in ASCII Art

Home for the Holidays is a well known theme for Christmas and in Christmas music and movies. There are even movies poking fun at decorating the house for Christmas. Some people go all out and it looks fabulous 0 but it must cost them a fortune on their next bill from the power company. I appreciate the show they make.

There is nothing quite like seeing a house all done up, decorated and well lit, for the Christmas holidays.

I also love to see the Christmas village scenes. We never collected anything like that when I was a kid. So I lived vicariously through shopping malls everywhere. There was always a display set up in the malll, showing off the Christmas village and all the parts and pieces which could be collected to add to your village each year.

I created ASCII art of a Christmas house and the Christmas village. I even decorated my fireplace with the Christmas village, a smaller collection than many. But, none of them are in ASCII art.

One thing I did have was a snowglobe collection. I had three of them which I pulled out each Christmas. Others were not Christmas related. My Dad traveled for business for awhile, he brought me back a couple of snowglobes from far away.

Home for the Holidays!

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That Grrl profile image

That Grrl 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada Author

Thanks. The last three are my own work.

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