The End of Vacation and the Start of a New Year

This holiday season, my husband, cousin and I drove from TN to visit my parents in NY state. We came up for the Christmas holiday. It has been an interesting trip and also relaxing for the most part. We got here on the 23rd of December and are leaving around 5AM tomorrow morning. The drive was long, but the trip was worth it! I am kind of dreading tomorrow's drive back, since it has snowed since we got here. I just hope the roads are clear early tomorrow morning when we leave.

How was my trip you ask? Well, I got to see family and friends, some of whom I have not seen in a year. It was really good to see them and spend time with them. On Christmas eve (12AM Christmas morning), we woke my dad up to open presents. It was the family time that was the most important, not the presents/gifts. After opening presents, we just sat together for about an hour and had snacks before bed.

Now that I think about it, I am going to miss everyone when I go back to TN. I was hoping to stay until New Year's Day, but my husband has to get back to his lab work. I understand that. I have to get back to filling out grad school applications and studying for the GRE. On top of that I will be tutoring kids at least until March or April. So our lives go back to the normal work that we enjoyed not having to do while we were up in NY on vacation.

How did you all enjoy your holidays? Are you staying with family or friends until New Years or do you have to get back to work as well? What do you all do for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day? I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year whatever you decide to do! Comments, thoughts and ideas are welcomed!

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Sunnie Day 5 years ago

I spent mine at home with the fire place going, surrounded by my children and grandchildren..Truly a blessed Christmas Holiday.

rlaha profile image

rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC Author

That sounds like the best Christmas :). Thank you so much for stopping by!

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

i'm glad that you've spent your Holidays with your's a great way to reminisce past events...i just spent my Christmas at home...

Ghaelach 5 years ago

Hi rlaha.

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas with your family.

Being in Germany it's hard to see my children as they all live with their children in England. But we are already planning to spend two weeks over Christmas and the New Year next year in England with my children.

Take care.

LOL Ghaelach

rlaha profile image

rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC Author

Hi Racinawa. Sometimes it is better to just stay at home. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

@Ghaelach: Thank you. Yes, it is hard to see everyone but I hope you get to see them soon!

Happy New Year everyone!

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