The Father Of The Year Is? Happy Father's Day!

Daddy You Are Father of The Year

Daddy I "d choose you.If I had to choose a Dad. I wouldn't choose Tiger. Cause I don't like Cheetahs. I wouldn't choose Wiener. He'll make me look like a Loser I wouldn't choose Spitzer. Much too busy with Clients .I wouldn't choose Arnold. Cause he acts like a Moron. But I would choose you Daddy. You are Father of the year.

These men have money, But don't love their honey. They have fame. Yet, always look game. I will not trade your name. Cause you bring no shame. DaddyI choose you.

Thank you for bringing me here. Bad things do happen. Life is not fair. But you give me gear To help me bear. I have breath,I have shoes, I have shelter, I have food. I have your love and support.

Everything I need. So I do not fear. Thank you Daddy dear. For I choose you

I remember when we played. Hoisting me upon your shoulders. We'd pretend to climb huge boulders. As if they blocked the way You said life can be rough. That I should be tough. I should never give up. Success is waiting at the top. So sometimes when creeps in dismay.

I remember what you say. And the urge to keep on reaching. Helps with all your teaching. So I push without stopping For I must make it to the top. You my dad is non deceiving. All my love you'll be receiving. Cause in you I believe. Daddy, I'd choose you.

You taught me how to ride a bike. And accompany me on hikes. My fears you said I should not hide. You said I should always stand and fight. DaddyI choose you,Happy Father's Day!

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laidbacklady profile image

laidbacklady 5 years ago from Plumsted Township, NJ

Very sweet! You are a good daughter. Thanks for the post!

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