The History of St. Valentine's Day: Where did Valentine Come From

Saint Valentine of Terni and his disciples. 14th Century France. Richard de Montbaston.
Saint Valentine of Terni and his disciples. 14th Century France. Richard de Montbaston.

A thorn in the Emperor's side

Popular belief says that around third or fourth century there was a Roman Emperor, Claudius II, who had grown powerful. With his power, his empire had also grown large and feeling the pressure from surrounding enemies, he needed a bigger army to defend his borders.

Knowing that married soldiers would not make good soldiers since they were attached to their wives and families, he knew that younger, unmarried men were ideal to defend his empire. So, the emperor passed a law banning marriage for young men.

Upon hearing this new law, a priest named Valentine decided to meet with young couples at a secret location join them in matrimony. Although, this would be short-lived when he was discovered by Claudius II and sent to jail.

Some sources say that Valentine had a chance to redeem himself when the emperor tried to convert him to Roman Gods and, after refusing such an offer, Valentine tried to convert the emperor.

It is also believed that while Valentine was in jail he fell in love with his jailer's daughter who was believed to have been blind and healed by Valentine. And on the day of his execution he wrote a letter to his beloved and signed it "From Your Valentine." This phrase is still in use today.

Valentine became martyred because he did not renounce his religion. However, the Catholic church removed his name, along with many others, in 1969 when they revised their liturgical calendar.

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

I have wondered now I know

Thank you

punkpiratebettie 8 years ago from San Diego

I always heard that it was back in Roman times when the Romans were still persecuting the Christians. Valentine married Christian couples in secret and was later killed for that and made a martyr. Popular belief doesn't mean anything to me. Some real historical backing does! It will probably be on the history channel around Valentine's Day.

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

This was interesting information. Blessings

sammy 6 years ago

this is a interisting fact from valintins and i enjoyed it

kisstabel 5 years ago

Dis information makes sense now I know where Valentyne came from.....

Huntgoddess profile image

Huntgoddess 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

Thanks for this hub. It's great. I like it.

However, the Catholic Church didn't remove his name. He's still in the martyrology. We just don't have enough solid evidence to know enough for him to have his own feast day --- or something? Not sure. He still exists, and always did.

At least, it's not so bad as St. Christopher. He apparently may not have existed at all. But, so many people were dedicated to him and his devotions.

To punkpiratebettie --- It's a folk legend, even though St. Valentine was a real person. Therefore, all we have is popular belief.

The History Channel isn't authoritative.

Meshach 5 years ago

I now know how, where and when valentine came to existances

random 5 years ago

?14th February 1492 was d day when Islamic Kingdom fell in hands of christians in SPAIN.The head churchman PEDRO ST.VALENTINO announced dis Day should b The Day of LOVE to mark the End Of Islamic kingdom.since den dis day got 2 b called VAL...ENTINES DAY OF LOVE.

Nw do u thnk 2 celebr8 Valentine's Day?????

hi 5 years ago

thanks i needed info about it for home work

Kenneth Bassey 5 years ago

Am so so hapy to see another day like this again in ma life, St Valentine was an hero that can never be forgotent on earth

Kenneth Bassey 5 years ago

Am so so hapy to see another day like this again in ma life, St Valentine was a hero that can never be forgotent on earth

The lantern 5 years ago

One can easily see why this world is in the state it is in when we celebrate child pornography 1492 pedro valentino executed after under age transgressions with jailers daughter even if one takes into consideration he was jailed for marrying young Christians couples by Claudious the II does one condone sins of the flesh

cookielover 1 and 2 4 years ago

we verstoan der nie te vele van wi !!! xp

bla bla 4 years ago

I needed homework about it too it was interesting

JOREPH BASSEY 4 years ago

so many versions of valentyne history, i don't even know which one to believe.

koolkol 4 years ago


Michelle S 4 years ago

Dat story is interesting,i was celebrating 14th of feb but didn't know the whole story,is so interesting

Danstan 4 years ago

I think I now have an idea about Valentine. But u find that leaves quite a % of pple heartbroken n pockets dry.

Hormorlharah 4 years ago

What a great man, anyway this is to tell the youths that val is not all about pre-marital sex

Isaiah I.Z 4 years ago

Waooo,now i no d history of valentine.he's a nise man.

Barbara 4 years ago

I agree with the comment made 12 months ago by 'the lantern,' if this man had sex with a child what does it say about us when we embrace and support valentines day.

Samuel aku 4 years ago

I am so happy to know about st.valentino may god grant an internal rest

Lwando "Layzer" Kolanisi 4 years ago

I love the part were Priest Valentine helped the young couple could get married. But I dnt get it, why are we celebratng the day he was exececuted,that's a bad thing. I don't get it.

Innocent Edadi Egwu 4 years ago

is realy realy interesting, nw i knw hw valentine came about.

Martine kaggwa 4 years ago

He was the wise man.

Mbasa 4 years ago

This is a beautiful intresting story ita a pity he was killed.but what i like is that he died for something he loved doing

Stephen splendour 4 years ago

Kul, just play safe

grace nwankama 4 years ago

St Velentine lived a life worthy of emulation by sharing love and care. Pls show dat love to people around u once again

Glory 4 years ago

I wish i can be like him d story is intresting

Kwabena 4 years ago

Interesting to know

The so called vals day is fake.

takie 4 years ago

there is really no point in celebrating valentines day. The other version says the 14th of february was celebrated as juno in the ancient roman empire. Juno meant meant celebrating the gods and goddess of the roman empire

Jeremy 4 years ago

Valentines day is my birthdsy and when my girl took me out for dinner I asked if she knew where valentines day came from... She wadunsure of my answet until I googled it and we read this

ballie 4 years ago

today is valentines day and i want to search about it thankyou for your information

Debbie Egodih 4 years ago

Thanks 4 d information. My daughter who is in class one ask me what Valentine is all abt. Your write up gave all d details. She now know what 14th February is all about. Thanks.

Emmanuel kopala g tembo 4 years ago

Wow what a interestin story i really wanted to know were valentine day came from..valentine was a hero to be rememberd forever.what a man he was..

Idris HiiDee 4 years ago

For those who dnt knw..14th February 1492 was the day when a man by the name of PEDRO VALENTINO of SPAIN was caught having sexual intercourse with a child. The christians of Spain caught him red handed and handed him to the authorities. He was sentenced to death. His last words were 'I did this in the name of love'. He also drew the heart symbol ? if you turn it upside down it looks like a bottom. All the homosexuals announced that this Day should be The Day of LOVE and gave PEDRO VALENTINO the title SAINT. since then this day got to be called" VALENTINES DAY OF LOVE".. #TrueFact

Afraar 4 years ago

Well it's good story

Nath' 4 years ago

Ppl hw many f u guyz thnk valentine iz jst a money makning scam

Kuburat eniola 4 years ago

Muslims out dere,val is not meant 4 us bcos dere is no verse in d Qur'an dat specifies dat muslims are to celebrate val day.

Joy chinaeke 4 years ago

Tnkx, i neva knew wat val waz all abt,its so romatic nd luvly...val is sumtin we celebrate nd also we should try as much as possible 2 gv valentine atleast 1min silence every 14 febuary.....he was a grt8 man indeed nd he faught 4 wat he loved........

Valentino (Aflao) 4 years ago

I luv dis man cus he fight 4 wat his in need of may he rest in perfect peace

Emmanuel Luogon 2 years ago

I say thanks very much for the information; now I've gotten to know how this day called Valentine came about!!!

relay deep 2 years ago

He was a wise man indeed

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