The Holiday Season Weight Gain Is Natural

For the woman who is easily guilt tripped into not enjoying the holidays because of the amount of food, calories and weight to be gained.

It's November and you know what that means. The Thanksgiving turkeys are already starting to be fattened... Thanksgiving decorations are already appearing in the stores and Thanksgiving party plans are already being made.

Which means schedules will be knocked off kilter, and a whole lot of food is going to be shoved under your nose in the next few weeks. And you're either going to partake of it and regret it when the extra pounds come... or you're not going to partake of it and be crabby because not only are other people digging in... but they're not gaining any weight - which just isn't fair!

And once you have successfully negotiated Thanksgiving, then comes Christmas. Once more families will - or will not - come together, with all the stress that that entails, and once more the office Holiday parties will start to mount up.

For people who are overweight and just beginning their path to fitness, or for those who are just teetering on the edge of giving up on their fitness plans, the Holiday season is the most dangerous time of the year.

But it doesn't need to be.

There are two healthy ways to look at it.

1. You're not going to deprive yourself of all the good cheer, and if you put on a few pounds that's fine, because you will be able to lose them once January comes around, thanks to your exercise regime and the tools you have such as Chalean Extreme, P90X or your local gym for guidance.


2. You are going to maintain your fitness regime and diet and not feel deprived at all by watching those who are over-indulging.

Either attitude is a valid one!

However, if you're going to indulge in Holiday cheer, then keep reading, because I know you're going to be dealing with some guilt feelings when you step on the scale for the first time in a month and see that you've gained a few pounds.

And I repeat, don't feel guilty about it.

You know what's going to happen - it happens every year. Public service messages are going to come pouring out of the TV, and various magazines, cautioning you on not overeating...and once January comes around, the ads will change to ones advising you on how to lose the weight that you put on during this time.

It's all designed to make you feel guilty - and don't let it.

The thing to do is to ensure that for ten months of the year you follow your fitness and food regime, and for November and December you simply follow it as much as you can. Don't think that just because you go off your diet during these two months, you have no willpower. Merely remember that during the remaining ten have no problems.

The key to gaining only a few pounds, rather than a lot of pounds, during these two months, is to stick to your regime. Make sure your time is structured so that you don't miss out on any workouts. If family is in town, try to get your sisters or mothers involved in your workout as well!

The holidays are coming... be strong!

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