The Shining


Stuck in a Hotel Far, Far Away

First I would like to say that Jack Nicholson is a very scary looking man, at least to me. I know he was quite the womanizer but I would have screamed and ran. Remember the Mad Magazine and Alfred E Newman? They both send me into terror fits.

He was perfectly cast for the role. Arched eyebrows, villainous smile, even the voice was right.

Maybe that is why I find this to be one of the scariest movies of the Halloween Season.

Shelley Duvall

Is it just me or was this role terribly miscast? I mean really...I never would have believed those two people could have birthed a child so pretty. She always looked to me like the Olive Oyl character she played in the disastrous Popeye movie. How did she become such a well known movie star? Maybe it was because of her looks. She is/was a real star in many movies.

Scatman Crothers

Is there anything to be said about that man this isn't wonderful? I just don't think so.He passed away 8 years after this film was made. He had a long and enduring career as a singer, actor, musician and comedian, remember "Chico and the Man?"

Danny Lloyd

This child was born in Illinois and chosen from 5,000 child actors for this movie. He performed very well, however, other than one more small role, he never acted again. I don't think I would either, after being chased by Jack Nicholson through a maze, in a snow storm.

It is said Stanley Kubrick filmed Danny's scenes without him knowing he was in a horror movie. How did he do that?

He became a college professor.


If you want to watch horror movies, this is a great one to start with. Although it was thought flawed since it didn't follow Stephen King's novel. I love Stephen and I dislike his movies being changed. This one is still good, though i did like the book better. I always like the books better so I am no movie critic. Not for kids, it would scare them like "the Wizard of Oz" terrified me when I was 6 til I was 30.

I am still afraid of clowns, too.  I won't mention my age

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