Sabrina Tells All - The Unwanted Visitor

The Unwanted Visitor

Short Stories by Sabrina Delaney

It was cold outside as darkness set in. Katie is sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket reading a book which seemed like a nice pass time prior to climbing into bed for the night. Perhaps the book was not a good choice, considering the unwanted visitor that refuses to stay away and not enter her safe haven. It has yet been determined how safe Katie really is.

Months earlier, it started with small minor occurrences as it toyed with her. There was an argument between John and Katie; terrible as usual. He leaves her suffering with all this turmoil that he creates. Katie asks herself the same question over and over again, “Why does John think that alcohol is the cure-all when in fact it propels an argument again and again? Usually it leaves me in a place of uncertainty as the craziness seems to leave remnants of confusion. John has a habit of getting down and dirty when he argues. I would say that he is cruel as he justifies his behavior.”

John is gone for the night and Katie is here alone as usual. Her mind is racing and yet she pretends that she is enjoying her book, which will most certainly leave her in a dream state to include a suspension between fright or flight mode. No matter, it is midnight and she will be going to bed alone once again. She is so exhausted after everything, and she welcomes the thought of how good it will feel to stretch out on top of the flannel sheets. As she goes to get up from the couch there was a sound, where there once was total silence. Katie is frozen and dare not move with only one thought repeatedly going through her mind, “Could John be returning home?”

Yes, she can hear the sound of heavy footsteps climbing the stairs as they approach the door into the kitchen. As the sound gets closer, she wonders if John will be continuing the never ending argument. With every beat of her heart she waited and waited, but John never walked through the door, but why? Katie is now fearful of what she will find as her mind races with so many thoughts. “Could it be that someone has broken the lock on the door to enter from the first level of this duplex? Could John be hanging out on the porch? Okay, enough already!” She opened the door and there was nothing but darkness; the light was not on. She looked down the stairs and the door was locked. Katie did not know what to make of this, “Could I have imagined it?”

Katie determines her next move. “Perhaps I am just feeling uneasy, and with being this tired I am imagining his return. Just the same, I will turn the light on so that when he returns I will be able to see him from the bedroom doorway.” She no sooner tucked herself into bed and then fell fast asleep. At 3:00 am she had awakened to the sound of ice swirling around the inside of a glass as it traveled through the living room. Katie ponders over the sound, “Could John be home and sitting on the couch in the dark drinking even more?” She waited to hear more sounds, but it was only the glass of ice and then it stopped. Thinking back to the heavy steps on the staircase, only made Katie more determined to not satisfy this game something seems to be playing. “No, I am not going to feed into this. I am tired, so very tired and I can’t deal with this. Is it John and if it is not John, then what is happening here? Perhaps ignoring this anomaly is the best thing to do at this point.”

Soon the sun started shining through the opening of the deep red drapes embracing a new day ahead from within the bedroom. Katie climbed out of bed and headed into the kitchen just past the living room. There was no John, no glass, just her thoughts and confusion of what transpired during the darkness of sleep. Was Katie alone even now?

It will not be long before John will return. He will have spent the night somewhere with someone perhaps. Katie knows not to allow her imagination to get the best of her; this is just too painful to think about. Love can definitely be blind and Katie’s love is no exception. What haunts her through her darkest hours? What feeds on her displeasure?

Again the heavy steps have returned as Katie’s heart beats ever faster. Will the door open this time? Will it be John? Katie focuses on the door handle wondering if it will turn this time to open. It is John; he is doing his usual guilty dance of jumping around any thought of reality to keep Katie confused, even more than she already is. “Hey Katie girl, what have you been up to this morning?” Katie grumbles at John’s pointless words and goes about her day.

Then, just like the night before the cycle begins yet again. First the argument with John walking away feeling justified, with the thought of soothing his wounds as he imagines them. Katie is left tearful and crying in the living room. As she wipes her tears she hears knocking, but the sound came from the bedroom. As she enters the doorway the sound is coming from behind the red drapes covering the patio door. Katie thought, “Did John forget his key?” As she pushes the drapes aside there was no John, in fact upon the deck was a foot of snow without any foot prints to be found. Katie is startled, “What is happening here? What is happening when John leaves and this negative energy appears?”

Katie returned to her book, as she read page after page reporting the dark secrets of a house that seems to swallow the life’s energy of those that reside inside. For a moment Katie thought, “Could this be a story that could be true? And if yes, could this be happening to me?”

Before long it was time to climb into bed for what Katie hoped would be a peaceful night’s sleep. The phone rang at exactly 3:00 am, and surprisingly this is the exact time in the book that she had been reading when the unthinkable would occur. Katie answers the phone, “Hello, hello . . . is anyone there?” There was no answer and Katie knew that something was different this time. The next few minutes and the decision she makes will determine the path that she will follow. Quickly she tries to call for help, but the phone will not connect. The light shines into the bedroom from the porch through the kitchen, but she cannot see the number pad on the phone to ensure she is dialing correctly. Her heart beats ever faster as she frantically dials yet again. Finally the phone connects and her brother answers. Steven answers the phone, “Hello, Katie is that you calling? Do you know what time it is?”

“Steven, I need you to come and get me right away. NOW!!! I need to leave here this second, please come to get me.”

“Katie, what is going on? You know that I will come.”

“Hurry, I need you to be here now. No more than five minutes okay.”

Katie quickly packs a bag and recounts what had happened after she had dialed to call her brother. After the phone rang to wake her up, she looked straight ahead at the red drapes. There were two objects protruding straight for her covered with the fabric of the drapes. It was like two arms stretching to reach for her from the patio door. Speaking to her brother seemed to interrupt what this unwanted visitor had in store for her. Then the arms were gone, and the invisible energy walked past the corner of the bed as it left the room, only to hit the bed as hard as it could before leaving.

When Katie’s brother arrived she quickly entered the porch and locked the door behind her. Just then she noticed something that startled her. To her left was a free standing closet that she never used because it was so old and reminded her of a coffin. It was very small, dark and most definitely an antique. Because of its eeriness Katie had refused to use it, even though it was a gift from John given to him by his grandmother. The door of the closet was open! Always closed and never touched, but how is this possible? Katie left and soon thereafter moved from this place, leaving the antique coffin closet behind. From time to time, Katie wonders who had owned such a closet and what it’s true purpose was.


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