Theme Paper

Is there a baby shower or Christmas party that you want to pass out invitations to?  Do you have a son looking for the perfect cowboy birthday party?  Why give out boring, plain invitations when you can spice things up with themed paper and envelopes?  With the added color and fun, you'll have much more excited guests as well as higher turn-out for the party.  There are many places you can go for theme paper including your local office store as well as online print shops.

There are tons of different choices for theme printer paper that you can purchase.  If there is an event or holiday worth having a party for, there will be a theme paper to match.  With so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the one that you will love.  Finding printer paper for your party will be a piece of cake (sometimes quite literally).  If there ever was a case where you weren't able to find the pattern that you like, you can even easily make your themed paper yourself.  With inexpensive desktop publishing software for less than $20, you can design your own paper.  Choose everything from the fonts, background, and border with just of a click of a button.  Once designed, you can either print your invitations yourself or take the file to a professional printer to do it for you.

Graduation Theme Paper

Spring Theme Paper

Where Can I Find Themed Printer Paper?

There are tons of places you can look for your theme paper.  Whether you want to shop locally or online is completely up to you.  In most cases, local stores sell theme printer paper for as much or less than online stores due to the fact that you don't pay for shipping.  The main problem with local stores, however, is that you have a much smaller selection.  Some local stores that you should look for theme paper include:

  • OfficeMax
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Robert's Arts and Crafts

With shopping online, however, you have a much greater chance for finding the paper that you love.  You also tend to save a bit of money if you want to have someone else print on the paper for you.  Many online print shops offer services where they will print a custom message and pattern on envelopes and paper for you.

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