Theme Parties: How to Throw a Rockin' White Trash / Hillbilly Party

 Theme parties are a fun way to host an event. Everyone gets into the spirit and you can make it easy on yourself by following a simple set of guidelines. Not for the ultra conservative, or easily offended,but if your group of friends is rather open minded, a white trash party can be a great time... like a costume party, but better.

Introducing Your Party

 If you are sending invitations in the mail, use extra wide lined notebook or construction paper. Make sure you include a list of ideas for appropriate attire for your guests.

What to Wear to Your Party

 For the ladies: stretch pants, skin-tight jeans, tube tops, curlers and bathrobe, heavy blue eye shadow, teased hair and any trashy looking top should do fine.

For the fellas: Rustler jeans, work boots, tank tops and a greasy baseball cap, trucker hat, bandanna or tee-shirts with cut-off sleeves, cut-off shorts, trucker caps, giant belt buckles are a mullet wig and a mechanic's shirt with a name stitched on it.

Setting Up For Your Party

 Decorating for a white trash party is a very inexpensive way to go. Generally, you should be able to find things to use. Flags (confederate flags are the best) and off-color stickers and posters of wrestling, car racing or action movies work well. Hang up whatever you can with duct tape. Christmas lights are another fun way to go to decorate. Out front, you can create the mood before guests even enter your home. Go to a thrift store and find the funkiest undergarments you can and hung to dry on a clothesline. Collect old liquor bottles and place fake flowers around.

For serving platters and dishes, forget whatever you usually use for parties. Serve food on sanitized hubcaps, anything disposable and utilize margarine tubs, whipped topping bowls. Forgo napkins all together, rolls of paper towels are the way to go.

What to Serve at Your Party

The Menu:

No premium brands here, keep it as cheap and trashy as possible
Chips and Cheese Puffs
Pork rinds
Pickled Eggs, Pickled anything for that matter
Saltine Crackers with Cheese in a Can
Mini Sausages wrapped in American Cheese
Spam Casserole
Pigs in a Blanket
Cheesy Potatoes with Ham Product
Beanie-Weenie Casserole
Jello molds with mini marshmallows and Cool Whip
Store brand Oreos


Lots of beer... the cheaper the better, definitely not anything imported. Wine coolers or wine in a box is also a good choice. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels in the half gallons can sit out, or make a Redneck Punch, by combing some kind of “juice drink” with some cheap vodka or light rum.

For non-alcoholic drinks, store brand soda in 2 liters is great. Get a cola, a diet cola and don’t forget the Dr. Thunder and Mello Yello.

What to do for Fun at Your Party

 Leave the TV on in the background for an extra trashy touch: Nascar, Jerry Springer, Bull Riding, Judge Judy or a Monster Truck Rally. Any Country or southern Rock is the perfect music selection here. Make it something that goes with the theme... but not too much of an over the top mix that will drive your guests crazy.

As for Activities, there’s a bunch of options that are fun and don’t cost a lot of money:

- Have a costume contest - make up small ballots, have people fill them out and vote for the trashiest outfit. 

- Hold a Beer Tasting Contest. See who can guess the correct beer after a taste.

- Have a mini wiener or a twinkie eating contest.

- Have a belching contest.

- Have teams of 2 work together to see who can throw and catch the most cheese puffs in their mouth.



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