Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father's Day

I remember the very first Father's Day gift I gave to my Dad. I was nine and I wanted to bake him a chocolate cake. He loves chocolate, you see, and still does. My mom and I went to the grocery store so I could pick out the chocolate cake mix and the frosting. I remembered that I chose something that said double chocolate on the label, and I thought that my Dad would definitely like something like that. And I couldn't figure out whether he would like chocolate or milk chocolate frosting (I took the milk chocolate). I insisted on doing all of the mixing and baking'; after all it was my present. My Mom stood by to help me use the mixer and to hold the bowl while I put the batter in the pan and to put the cake pan into the oven. In spite of my efforts the cake came out kind of lop-sided. I spread the cake frosting over it and put it on the lop-sided part really thick hoping to make it even but it didn't do the trick. I was so disappointed but then I thought, well my Dad was going to eat it anyway so it didn't matter.

I had my Dad sit down while I brought the cake over from the kitchen and I made sure to give it to him with the sloping side towards me so that he wouldn't notice it. My Dad had a big smile on his face and right then and there he cut a big slice and started eating it. I brought him a glass of cold milk because you need milk when you're eating chocolate cake. It went together. And my Dad wouldn't share the cake with anyone else although he did give my Mom a small slice. Looking back now, I thought It was such a simple present but it was thoughtful and I think that's all that fathers really want for Father's Day. It doesn't have to be something hugely expensive or over the top, but something meaningful.

So this Father's Day think about you own Dad and what he likes.

Does your Dad like Sports?

If your father's a sports nut, what team does he like? What's his favorite sport? Does he admire a certain player? You only need a little bit of information to have a starting point. So if he likes golf and goes to the the green at least once a month, what would he need? Don't just get him a dozen golf balls, that's too impersonal. Find a way to personalize the gift.

If He's a Golfer

This pack of Sponge Bob golf balls are great for the golfer with a sense of humor. They are regulation size and weight and they are easy to spot on the green.

If you Dad always has a pocket knife with him, this Swiss Army Golf Tool from Victorinox is something that he'll use every time he goes golfing. It has a ball marker, repair tool, tee puncher, groove cleaner, pocket knife blade, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, and nail file.

For the Football Fan

This snack helmet is so convenient for the football fan who reserves Monday night for televised football games. You can fill it with ice to keep your drinks cold, it can hold nuts, potato chips, or whatever snack you fancy.

This lunch bag lets everyone know at his work, which team your Dad supports. It's so handy, he can bring it with him on long car trips so that he will always have a cool drink handy or have a snack available.

Baseball is Dad's Thing

Whether it's the Yankees, the Nationals, or the Diamondbacks, a t-shirts sporting his favorite team will bring a smile to his face.

If your Dad likes to collect baseball factoids, then this book is for him. This collection of short stories (both true and fiction) about the great game of baseball. It is a great collection covering anything from Ripken's drive for the Ironman title, the summer of 98 and the home run kings,

For the Dad Who's Always Fixing and Making Things

If you Dad is into fixing cars or building things, then tools are the most wonderful things. But you have to know what he really wants and the only way that you can do that is to spend time with him so that you can figure that out. It's a great way to know him and you'll most likely learn a lot of things that could be useful.

The cordless drill and electric screwdriver are basic things that any guy needs so it's a starting point in terms of gift-giving.

Dad's an Outdoorsman

If your Dad likes to spend a day outdoors, whether it's fishing, hunting, or just birdwatching, then a swiss army knife from Victorinox or a good pair of binoculars are just some basic things that he'll need. Again, depending on your Dad, these are just starting points for gift-giving. Spending a day outdoors with him will help you find out what gift will be very appreciated.

Dad, the Gifted Amateur Photographer

If you Dad loves to take pictures then he probably has a digital SLR (he'll know what that is). One of the great things about having photography is the ability to be creative with particular types of filters and lenses so it's really important to first know what make camera your father has. Then think about what he wished he had, you'll often hear him say, gee I wish I had so-and-so filter for this shot when he takes a look at his pictures. Or he might say, if I had that so-and-so lens then this would have been perfect. Again, lenses and filters are just the starting point to get you thinking towards getting that Father's Day gift he'll appreciate.

Dad, the avid reader

If your Dad loves to read, think about the Kindle Fire. Not only can you download books but he can surf the net and read some newspapers and blogs online. If your Dad is not into the online world, you can still get him an e-reader that makes reading easy and where he can build an electronic library that he has easy access to at all times.

If you still don't know what to get him, you can always ask him. Better yet, you can have him write a list of things that he'd love to get for Father's and you'll pick one that suits your budget and you'll be confident in knowing that's he's going to like it and it'll still be a surprise.

Most fathers really don't expect to get anything fancy, I think that what they get a kick out of the most is that you went through that extra effort to get just the right thing for him.

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