Tips for Creative Birth Announcement Wording

The birth of a baby is a time of wonder and excitement. Parents wanting to share the information concerning their new arrival can chose to do it in several different ways. 

Local newspapers regularly print birth announcements, and baby birth announcement cards can be sent through the postal service or by email. One of the keys to an amusing and unique announcement is the birth announcement wording.

What Should You Include in the Wording?

If you're having a shower party, how about asking for...

One of the most popular baby shower cakes is the diaper cake. These are fun to make and give the mother of the baby a large supply of diapers as well as other things used to decorate the cake. Some decorations include rattles, baby blankets, or bottles. Since newborn babies go through diapers so quickly, this cake, once it is disassembled, is greatly appreciated by the mother.

Whether your baby shower is a small gathering or an event on a grander scale, baby shower centerpieces  may serve as more than table decorations. Depending upon its components, a beautiful centerpiece may later serve as a wonderful addition to the new baby’s bedroom décor. Moreover, multiple centerpieces may make appropriate party gifts or prizes as well.

While all announcements include the child’s name, date of birth, length and weight, the wording can vary greatly. Many companies offer a wide selection of cards with a variety of designs and prewritten sentiments. Creative parents can write their own text using these birth announcement wording ideas.  Just be careful going into the card shops with a pen and paper and making notes.  I guess that you could use a cell phone and photo the insides of cards…  Seriously, try to use the inserts as inspiration and then turn the theme into something that YOU want to say.

birth announcement card ideas

What about gift card envelopes?  When purchasing gift cards as presents for family, friends, and co-workers, it is hard to find a way to keep such an impersonal gift personal. However, you can find something that is suitable for an individual. There are hundreds to choose from. Find an envelope that suits a person's tastes or hobbies. Finally, be sure to add your name and the name of the person the gift card is for. It would also be a nice touch to include a personal note. After all, it is a good idea to make gifts have your own personal flair while making sure they meet the needs or desires of your friends.

Announcements that include a favourite poem or religious passage can be moving and emotional. Parents looking for poems can search the internet or look through poetry books at the library or local bookstores. Church officials like priests, ministers or rabbis are usually happy to help with religious passages.  If you are vaguely aware of a passage that you would like – for example if you went to Sunday school as a kid yourself and remember a few words – put that into Google and hit the search button.  Once you have something that looks like a bible passage (such as Luke 1:3) with the words you wanted, go to and put the bible reference in.  The alternative is just go to biblegateway and put in one of the keywords – for example ‘love’ is often used – and then scroll through the verses (there will be a lot!) until you find something that you like.  Passages taken from the bible don’t need copyright either so long as they don’t go on for pages and pages!

Parents of children born around a holiday can use words associated with that specific holiday to create an amusing passage. For example, a child born near Christmas can be referred to as “an angel sent from heaven” or “a gift sent from above”. Valentine’s Day babies can be announced with catchy phrases such as “look who’s has stolen our heart” or “meet our newest Valentine.”  Again, have a look at the greetings card industry for inspiration.  Don’t just stick to other baby cards though, look more generally at what is being said.  You can also have a look at the headlines in newspapers and in magazines.  It’s often a good idea to actually create a file of ideas that you can use. 

Some parents choose to write the announcement from the older children’s point of view. “I’m a big brother now” or “look who just became a big sister” are examples of wording that can put a smile on the reader’s face. It is also a great way to include the older siblings in the new baby process, making them feel essential and valued.  I felt like this when I was 14 and my sister was born.  I was asked to choose her name. Be careful though because older children won’t appreciate the sentiment.  However, do get your older kids involved in the process as much as possible, maybe they could make a YouTube vid for you and you could send the link out digitally?

The wording is important, but there are other birth announcement ideas that can make a card more interesting as well. Bright, vibrantly colored pictures of baby related items like rattles, bottles, carriages or teddy bears catch recipients’ eyes. Traditional cards and most modern cards typically include a picture of the newborn on the inside for all to see.  It’s a good idea to use inks in your printer that are permanent as well as good quality paper because a number of people might want to keep the picture.

Adding a new member of the family takes a large amount of time and work. Overly busy parents should not be afraid to ask for help. Announcements written from the prospective of new grandparents, aunts or uncles are both original and refreshing, and family members are usually honored and eager to lend a helping hand.  So whether you want to do all the writing yourself, or get a hand from one of the kids already in the family, grandparent or uncle, why not send them a link to this hub and show them the ways they could try digging for words themselves?

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