Top 10 Best Electronic Gifts 2013 - 2014

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With the Kindle Fire's brilliant color display reading a magazine is more enticing than ever.Watch movies and play music and applications on the new Kindle Fire. It's like a tablet for a fraction of the cost.
With the Kindle Fire's brilliant color display reading a magazine is more enticing than ever.
With the Kindle Fire's brilliant color display reading a magazine is more enticing than ever.
Watch movies and play music and applications on the new Kindle Fire. It's like a tablet for a fraction of the cost.
Watch movies and play music and applications on the new Kindle Fire. It's like a tablet for a fraction of the cost.
5 stars for Kindle Fire HD

Budget Electronics Gift Ideas for 2014

This hub is one of several I've written that feature the best gifts of 2014. In Best Electronic Gifts of 2014 we'll feature products based on consumer popularity, reviews, and personal experience.

Kindle Fire HD

Once it was released the Kindle Fire took off immediately and is now number 1 on Amazon's bestseller's list. The Kindle Fire brings you everything you've loved about all of the other Kindle's but gives you more processing power, and best of all color. With increased capacity and the ability to play your favorite applications, browse the internet, and read your favorite magazines in color it's more like a tablet than an e-book reader. The battery life is less than the other Kindles at around 8 hours so if you're wanting to strictly read books you might still be better off with the black and white models. Amazon's insistence that the Fire stay under $200 has really paid off.

Garmin 265W GPS

Like gaming? Also be sure to check out this post on the best grip gaming mouse and the best budget gaming mouse.

This GPS from Garmin comes with an all new Bright 4.3-inch diagonal color touch screen - displayed with a white blacklight. This ultra-thin and lightweight GPS is perfect for your car or in the pocket when you are on the go. Supports Bluetooth wireless technology. Includes free real-time traffic updates from Navteq for the entire life of the device.

For more information on the latest GPS try this hub on the Best Selling GPS of 2014.

If you want the Best GPS system in all priceranges, then I recommend you take a look at the Garmin 3790 T. Includes advanced speech recognition voice command so that you can keep your hands on the wheel and dual orientation so that you can use it horizontally and vertically. The 3790 T is 9 MM thick (about the thickness of a pencil) and comes with 3-D Orientation for easy to visualize routes. With the all new nüRoute Technology with trafficTrends and myTrends, you'll have the best possible directions for driving or walking anywhere you want to go.

Roku XDS Streaming Player

This is the most popular streaming player on the market. It's true rival right now is Apple TV, but many people love that Roku includes a functional USB port on their device.

Sony BDP-S570 Blu-Ray Player

This is my choice for top value Wireless 3d Blu-Ray Player of 2011. Right now you can find it on sale at Amazon for under $180!

Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p
Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p

If you're thinking about the Apple TV, then be sure to compare it with the Roku. It brings 1080p to your door through netflix, hulu, or whatever you want!

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!
Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!

Out of 345 Customer Reviews on Amazon, the Kinect receives 255 5 star ratings and 53 4 star ratings.


Game Consules

Xbox 360 with Kinect:

If you are looking to buy an XBOX 360 bundled with the all new kinect, then make sure you move quickly. The XBOX 360 is so popular that Microsoft has sent out a letter to limit them to one per customer in order to spread them around and avoid an ebay bidding war.

With the all new kinect sensor you can play games, without a controller. This amazing sensor can recognize and mirror your body movements in any game. YOU are the controller. If you see a ball, just kick it!

Additional Details from the Manufacturer:

Built-in Wi-Fi: The new Xbox 360 is the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in for a faster and easier connection to Xbox LIVE. Stream HD movies and TV or download games from Xbox LIVE in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound from anywhere in the house. Compatible with b/g/n networks.

Xbox LIVE: Xbox LIVE brings a world of entertainment to you. Instantly watch movies and TV streaming from Netflix. In crystal-clear HD, or download game add-ons like new levels, characters, maps and songs. Easily jump right into online multiplayer fun and play along with friends around the world. Plus, get your favorite music from, connect with friends on Facebook® and post Tweets on Twitter. Xbox LIVE is your connection to more games, entertainment and fun.

Cool Electronics Gifts for 2012 - GOgroove Flexsmart X2

My friends on facebook are ranting and raving over how "smart" this one is. Check out the manufacturer's specs:

  • Superior design combines important features in just one unit. Play music, make hands-free calls and charge your device. No need for factory installed bluetooth to get benefits of bluetooth high quality sound. Equipped with the MOST ADVANCED BLUETOOTH FM TRANSMITTER available today!
  • Equipped with On-Board Volume, Play Settings and Phone Controls. The compact design and flexible neck ensure a good fit in nearly any vehicle!
  • ENHANCED VOICE DETECTION Microphone makes hands-free calls easy while driving. Just sync your phone and plug-in, and you are ready to talk!
  • AUTO-TUNE feature makes finding the clearest FM Station simple! Just press down the control knob and the best station is automatically found for you! Then just match your car stereo station and you're good to go.
  • FREE 3 YEAR WARRANTY, SERVICE AND SUPPORT!!! Quality Guaranteed by Accessory Power - Includes Free Microfiber Cloth!

Best e-Book Reader 2012 - 2013

*Our Choice: Once again Amazon's Kindle Shines outdoes the rest. The New York times agrees with us, the "New Kindle leaves rivals farther back."

This is the most popular electronic gift for the last 3 years running and the all new Kindle 3g Wireless reading Device will be no exception. That enormous pile of books is no longer needed to enjoy your favorite novels. Download your favorite books from everywhere with the Free 3G wireless. While the Kindle Fire certainly provides color and a modern feel to e-book readers it doesn't last nearly as long.

Fast Company says that "Amazon's newest kindle is the best ebook reading device on the market... better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes & Noble Nooke, and the various Sony Readers."

The amazing Kindle 3G has a battery life of 1 month! Never worry about taking an extra charger with you on your vacation again.

Electronics - Best Selling Television 2013

This year everyone is looking to get smart TVs that give you access to web browsing and all of your favorite applications. The most popular one in the last couple months has been the LG Infania which gives consumers superior picture quality and uses LG's TruMotion 240Hz technology to eliminate any ghosting or blurring during action scenes. Another huge plus? It comes with four pairs of 3D glasses.

You should also look at the all new Samsung UN55D8000. Samsung's minimalist design removes most of the distracting bezel that you find in standard HDTVs. This 3D HDTV also has built-in wi-fi.

Digital Cameras

Compact cameras continue to improve and the Elph 300 is probably this year's most popular model. It's thinner than any other point and shoot camera but it still includes features that the larger cameras have like 5x optical zoom and optical image stabilizer. It also features Canon's HS system which has a 12.1 MP CMOS and DIgic 4 image processor for better shooting in any situation including low light.

If you are on a budget, or just want to carry around a camera that you don't have to worry as much about, then I would suggest the Canon Powershot SD pocket camera. I purchased one of these for my wife last year and it takes incredible pictures and video. Click here for my full review on the best point and shoot digital cameras of 2012.

Smart Phones

Best Smart Phone

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone.

This 4th generation iPhone does not fail. With a faster processor, touch screen, and increased multifunction capability for applications it can't be beat. This is the Christmas gift I gave to myself this year.

Runner-up for Best Smart Phone

The Droid X Android Smart Phone.

If anyone is edging closer to Apple's iPhone it's Droid. See the specifications for this amazing smart phone on amazon's description page.

On a budget? Try this 3G Nokia 5230 Touchscreen Cell phone with GPS Navigation and Voice Navigation.

This incredible Yamaha YHT 5.1 Channel surround sound system boasts an incredible 500 watts and features technologies like SCENE and CINEMA DSP. Make the most out of every movie you watch!

I've also reviewed the best AV receivers of the year so if you're looking for a receiver that is compatible with 3D Video pass through streaming then, make sure to check it out.

Electronics - Best Selling Laptops and Tablets

Great Electronics Gifts

For this category I've included two incredibly different options.

For those of you who are on a budget try the best selling laptop on amazonm The Toshiba Satellite C655.

This inexpensive laptop is perfect for basic use. It boasts a 320GB Hard Drive and a Dual Core Pentium Processor.

Apple iPad Tablet

Per Amazon the iPad Tablet is "The best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. Hands down. All of the built-in apps on iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad." 

*Additional Budget Suggestion - Try the 16 GB model and save!

Nintendo has the best portable game console on the market right now in it's 3DS model. This awesome console is a whole lot of punch in a tiny screen. Easily turn on and off and adjust the 3D capability for an awesome gaming experience. Perfect for a family vacation or to pass time when out and about. It's sure to keep everyone entertained!

Electronics - Best MP3 Player

Even the most diehard PC lover recognizes that Apple's iPod is the best when it comes to enjoying music.  This 4th generation space loaded iPod can hold 8 GB worth of applications and songs.

Colby 4GB MP3 Player - For those of you on a budget this MP3 player is the most popular selling and rated outside of the iPod.  

I hope you've enjoyed my review of the best electronics gift ideas for 2013 to 2014. If you have, then please leave a comment below. If you feel I should feature another item, then let me know as well and I'll try to incorporate it into thus hub.

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