Best Gifts for Boys -Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

Top Gifts for Boys 2013

Looking for a great boy gift? Hopefully I can help you out. I'm a Father of 3 children and two of them are crazy and rambunctious!

The most important thing to remember when shopping for boys is that boys are very different from girls, and boys in general like completely different things than girls do. Yes... I know that's a shocker, but there is something very picturesque about watching how the 2 boys I had naturally gravitated towards guns, cars, and video games and my girl gravitated towards Dolls, makeup, and dress-ups. I'm not saying that all boys and girls are exactly alike, but in general there are some things they will like and some they won't. Hopefully I can pass down some Fatherly wisdom from this scattered brain of mine. In each section I will incorporate gifts for boys of all ages and presents in each price range. So be sure to look at the different options presented in each category.

Best Boys Bikes by Wheel Size, 12,16,20,24 Inch
Best Boys Bikes by Wheel Size, 12,16,20,24 Inch

Boy's Bicycles

In General 12 inch bicycles are for boys ages 2-4, 16 inch for boys ages 4-8, 20 inch for boys age 6-12, and 24 inch bikes are for boys ages 12 and up. This can change slightly depending on his height.

Do you remember when you got your first bike? Maybe it was a Christmas gift, a birthday present, or just a random gift from your Mom & dad, but whenever it was it's probably a happy moment and one of the best gifts you were ever given. Even in this age when so many parents compete against video games and cell phones giving a gift that allows your son to get some exercise along with a little freedom is always a great idea.

These picks were based on price vs. specifications, customer review, safety, and overall look of the bike.

Mongoose Racer Boy's BMX Bike (12-Inch Wheels) -Features a coaster brake for sure stopping, steel frame, heavy duty training wheels, and quick release seat post for adjusting.

Schwinn Scorcher Boy's Bike (16-Inch Wheels) -Schwinn bikes are timeless and durable. This BMX-style bike includes removable training wheels for transition from learning to riding. It also features rear coaster brakes and front and rear caliper brakes for maximum safety. This is essential when your son is still learning how to ride.

Diamondback Viper X BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels) - I put this Diamondback Viper X bike here because I think it's the best, however; I think it's a little pricy. If it falls out of your price range check out the link above as I've listed several other good options that are half this much. The Diamondback Viper X features a hi-ten steel frame and fork, rush alloy u-brake and alloy platform pedals for ultimate look and safety.

Mongoose Maxim Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (24 Inch Wheels) - Growing up I remember when I switched from a kiddie bike to a mountain bike. I loved it. This mountain bike features an alloy dual-suspension frame with 21-speed options. Heavy Duty rear shock absorbers, front fork suspension, and chunky MTB wheels allow for easy neighborhood riding or trail riding. Features linear pull brakes for optimum safety and control.

I've listed the best rated helmet and knee and elbow pads as well. To learn more about wearing a helmet and bike safety visit

Game Consules

Here are the best game consoles for boys. While I don't support isolated video gaming (for young children especially), video games can be a great family activity when supervised and played by everyone.

For Boys ages 4-12:

Nintendo Wii - The Wii is still my favorite console for kids. Not only does it come with a great game like Mario Brothers, Nintendo has made sure there are many other great options that are appropriate for kids.

For Boys Ages 12+:

Xbox 360 with Kinect - The Kinect is so popular this year that Microsoft has limited purchases to 1 per family on amazon so that everyone can get one. Ever wanted to be the controller? Now you can! The Xbox 360 comes with a lot of games that are great for kids age 12+. If your son is a teenager, then this is what he wants because it has all the action games that him and his friends are playing!

Best Portable Console: Nintendo DSI - Nintendo couldn't have gotten it more right with the DSI. It's perfect for travel or when you'd rather use the t.v. for something else.

Best Learning Console: Leapster - Interactive learning is a great way to get kids involved early without it seeming like a chore. When it comes to interactive learning, Leapster does it best.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede

Toy Guns for Boys:

A couple of years ago I got some great advice from my Mom. My first son had started taking every toy he could find and then shoot me and my wife with it. I tried to tell him to stop, then I tried to tell him to aim at something other than us. I was flustered that he was shooting a gun because I had heard on the news about this case or that case when a child accidentally shot a real gun at their friend etc... Despite all the worry about toy guns, there really is no way to stop your young boy from playing with them. When I tried taking away toys he'd just use his fingers. I learned something very quickly, he's a boy and boy's like guns. I switched to plan B and talked to him about gun safety instead of controlling what he wanted to do. Now it's turned into a family activity where we shoot guns at each other. The best part of it is that we can do it in the house (don't tell Mom).

Nerf is the Best!

When it comes to looking for a toy gun for your boy, your search should stop and end with Nerf. They are the best quality, cheapest and the safest. You can't beat that. Listed to the right are a few of my favorites.

Gifts for Boys 2012 - 2013

Top Musical Instruments for Boys:


I play the piano, but never received my own keyboard. I eventually bought my own piano to have in my house now, but if I'd had a decent keyboard given to me earlier in life I would have taken it with me to college and had it now.

If your son is taking piano or guitar lessons, then consider getting them their own piano or guitar and not just one for the living room. If he is "serious" about his musical instrument, then make sure to get a good quality one that can last a long time.

Keyboard for Beginners and aspiring pianists.

Casio SA-76 44 Key mini keyboard - This keyboard is for beginners, and kids that just want to mess around. This piano is perfect for seeing if your son is serious about piano lessons before fully investing in a full key keyboard or piano.

Keyboards for Intermediate Pianists -

Casio CTK-2100 61 Key Personal Keyboard Premium Package with Headphones, Stand & Power Supply - This is a good choice for intermediate pianists. It has 61 piano-style touch keys and has a few step-by-step lessons for learning to play. If you think your son is serious about playing, but don't want him to get involved in lessons yet, then this might be a good place to start. Personally, I think lessons are the way to go to teach proper hand techniques and start him out right. Features 400 tones, 150 rhythms, and a USB port for PC connections.

Best Guitars for Boys


A guitar makes a great birthday gift or Christmas present for your son. Amazon has a few beginning level guitars that I thought were appropriate For more serious guitar players I suggest you look elsewhere at your local music shop and then online to compare pricing.

Boys 25 Inch Toy Guitar - I keep this one around the house just to encourage my young children to play an instrument, play keys, and start to recognize music. It's perfect for ages 2-6 and a great first play guitar.

RC Remote Controlled Helicopter
RC Remote Controlled Helicopter

Other Great Birthday Gift and Present Ideas for Boys

Boys love anything they can drive, anything robotic, anything they can build, and anything they can blow up!

I hope you found the perfect gift for your boy in this hub on the best birthday gift and present ideas for boys. If you've enjoyed this article, then vote it up, this allows more people to see my recommendations. If you didn't find what you were looking for, then visit my brand new best toys for boys hub for more ideas.

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