Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas, we either buy new ornaments, or get the box out of the attic and look forward to decorating our houses in tinsel and pretty colors, and all sorts of seasonal baubles that brighten up our homes.

Christmas ornaments make great gifts too. If you are going out to visit a relative or a friend, what is more cheery than a new ornament for them to admire year after year?

Tis the season of Goodwill, and that little act of kindness will be rewarded year after year with kind memories and thoughts, each time the Christmas decorations and ornaments are brought out.

Perhaps you need a helping hand in deciding which ornaments you might like to buy this Christmas?

I have put together a top 10 best selling list of all the top ornaments sold by

Swarovski 2011 Annual Ornament
Swarovski 2011 Annual Ornament | Source

Swarovski 2011 Annual Ornament

Each year, Swarovski bring out a new ornament, and this year's edition is a beautiful crystal snowflake/star, with a little silver tag with the date '2011' printed on it.

The crystal is multi-faceted and reflects the light created a magical scene, as it sparkles and reflects the colored lights from your Christmas tree.

Even if you have white lights, it will refract the light into rainbow colors.

Collectors of Swarovski crystal ornaments will know that they bring a new one out each year, each with a ribbon to hang on the tree.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a guarantee card, and is packed in a triangular shaped box which you will want to keep to store it safely at the end of the Holiday period.

Amazon easily beat their competitors for pricing, so you will not find a better deal for the 2011 Swarovski Christmas ornament.

Kurt Adler 2" Glass Iridescent Snowflake Ornaments, 12-Piece Set

Kurt Adler 2" Glass Iridescent Snowflake Ornaments, 12-Piece Set

Still staying on the sparkly glass theme, this set of 12 individual snowflakes will look wonderful on your tree.

Each piece is individually crafted, just like real snowflakes, no two are exactly the same, and they reflect and refract light beautifully.

Measuring 2" across, they each come with string to allow you to hang them on your tree to give that added magical touch.

These are very pretty Christmas ornaments at a great price, which make either superb gifts for others or perfect ornaments for your tree.

Kurt Adler 2" Glass Iridescent Snowflake Ornaments, 12-Piece Set
Kurt Adler 2" Glass Iridescent Snowflake Ornaments, 12-Piece Set | Source
NFL Mini Ornament (12-Pack) - Dallas Cowboys shown but many others available
NFL Mini Ornament (12-Pack) - Dallas Cowboys shown but many others available | Source

NFL Mini Ornament (12-Pack)

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • New York Giants
  • New York Jets
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • San Diego Chargers
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Washington Redskins

For football fans everywhere, what better is there than a set of 12 mini plastic ornaments for the tree, each sporting your team's logo and colors?

Each piece measures 3cm in diameter, and the NFL teams available are as above.

2011 Hallmark #12 in Series CELEBRATION BARBIE Ornament Special 2011 Edition Inspired by Holiday Barbie Doll

2011 Celebration Barbie Ornament Special 2011 Edition

This is a tiny little 4" high Barbie wearing a beautiful green and gold ball gown that has been designed by Patricia Andrews, Keepsake Artist.

And what a keepsake this makes! It's an absolutely delightful miniature doll designed for ornamental purposes only (so no playing with it!).

It is the 12th in a series of collector's items Barbie Dolls so would make a fantastic gift for someone you know who has been collecting, or you know would just love this ornament which is most definitely a Christmas ornament because of the colors.

Barbie fans everywhere would be delighted to receive this Barbie doll ornament, and Amazon are selling it at a great price.

 BARBIE Ornament Special 2011 Edition
BARBIE Ornament Special 2011 Edition | Source

1 Dozen Let It Snow Christmas Holiday Ball Ornaments

Let It Snow Christmas Holiday Ball Ornaments

This is a wonderful set of 12 unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments that are white with a picture of a snowman or snowmen on them.

They might not seem like much to you while sitting in the box, but once up on a tree they look GREAT!

Made from polyfoam and paper, they are obviously not for playing with, so keep them out of reach of children, especially small children, but the nice thing is that should they fall or get knocked off the tree, there is no sharp bits to clear up, as they don't break.


They also come with string attacked to make them easy to hang up on the tree.

And they depict a beautiful winter scene which is especially nice if you live in an area that doesn't actually get snow at Christmas.

These ornaments come in a beautiful presentation box which makes them a great gift, or if they are for you, easy to tidy away for next year when the season is over.

1 Dozen Let It Snow Christmas Holiday Ball Ornaments
1 Dozen Let It Snow Christmas Holiday Ball Ornaments | Source

Kurt Adler Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Set

Kurt Adler Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Set

This is a very traditional set of six wooden soldier in different colored dress uniforms. They can be stood on their own as an ornament, or hung up on the tree as a decoration.

Each soldier stands around 5" high, and the set comes in a lovely presentation box should you wish to gift them to others.

This nutcracker ornament set is very popular and very symbolic of the Holiday Season, and is being sold at a great price.

Kurt Adler Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Set
Kurt Adler Wooden Nutcracker Ornament Set | Source

24 piece Clear Glass Icicle Ornaments

Each of the clear glass icicles measure between 3" and 5" and create a simply stunning effect when placed on the tree.

For this reason you may want to consider buying two sets, because although there are 24 in each set, you are going to fall in love with the effect it creates and wish you had more to cover every inch of the tree.

They are slender and crystal clear icicles, but not so delicate that you can't handle them for fear of breaking them.

The difference they will make to your tree has to be seen to be believed!

This is a superb buy, and one that you will want to use for years and years.

Clear Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments
Clear Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments

Sterling 100200 Ornament Hangers

Ornament Hangers

Now admit it, who doesn't have to buy new ornament hangers year after year?

No matter how carefully you take the ornaments down from the tree and pack them away for another year, you always seem to find them missing, or at last drastically reduced in numbers the following year.

I think ornament hangers are like socks that go missing in the wash, except of course, we don't put ornament hangers in the washing machine!

Wallace 2011 Silver Plated Sleigh Bell Ornament, 41st Edition

2011 Silver Plated Sleigh Bell Ornament

This is a collectors' item, else it would make a beautiful gift for baby's first Christmas.

It's a little 'sleigh bell' made of sterling sliver, and decorated with embossed scroll work along the top, along with '2011' as a keepsake reminder forever of the year.

A little red ribbon is attached to it, so it can be easily tied on to a tree or even a baby's pram.

It comes in a beautiful velvet pouch to keep it safe from scratches and contact damage, and it is advisable to clean it with a special silver cleaner, as like all silver plate, it tarnishes easily.

This sleigh bell ornament is simply stunning in its beauty and simplicity.

Wallace 2011 Silver Plated Sleigh Bell Ornament, 41st Edition
Wallace 2011 Silver Plated Sleigh Bell Ornament, 41st Edition | Source

Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12

This is a great idea!

Wonderfully colorful, each of them depict something Christmassy like Santa, Snowmen, Christmas tree, Snowflakes, Gingerbread Men etc.

You cut out photos of your loved ones and place them in the frames and hang them from the tree. Can be used to delight the children, or to remember lost loved ones.

Your tree will surely look a bit different this year with cute wooden photo frame ornaments on it.

Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments
Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments | Source

While there are loads more superb Christmas ornaments through on to help decorate your home, or for you to buy as gifts this year for someone else, these items above are this year's top 10 best sellers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you. Thanks for reading!

Listen to the video below to help you get in the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Carols

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