Top Chinese New Year Decorations Items

Chinese New Year decorations Items

New Year celebration is one of the most important events in Chinese lunar calendar. In fact the New Year is the longest and most important festival celebrated in the Chinese culture. The New Year celebrations have centuries old history and significance; they are based on several traditions and myths. The New Year celebrations are a reflection of Chinese culture and the belief the people have in their culture. The sentiment of this age old tradition still goes strong in this modern age.

Of all the Chinese festivals New Year celebration is the most colorful and elaborate one. Chinese people congratulate each other for having successfully made through the passing year and also welcome the new one. The New Year celebrations continue for 15 days and there is a Chinese tradition of people visiting each other homes and giving gifts. The Chinese decorate their homes to welcome both the New Year and the guest who arrive to their homes to be part of their celebrations. Today, people have several choices when it comes to decorating their homes.

Best Selling Chinese New Year decorations Items

  • 3pack Chinese lantern set:

Lantern made of different material has been part of Chinese traditional artwork for thousands of years. The paper lantern has been successful in managing its glory in modern times. Today, it has a special place in Chinese homes as an interior decoration article.

The three pack lantern set from Tiki Décor is a nifty set of lanterns which have perfect blend of artwork and beauty that makes it a quaint decoration article.

  • Two (2) Chinese Paper Dragon Decorations:

Dragon is a symbol of self confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Besides dragon decorations are good at creating impression.

The Two (2) Chinese Paper Dragon Decorations from Tikizone is an ideal gift for New Year. The set comes with strings for hanging that will enhance the décor of the house which even the children adore.

  • Chinese Mini 8 1/2in Cascade Centerpiece:

The Chinese Mini 8 1/2in Cascade Centerpiece looks like a shimmering waterfall that radiates energy and positive message through its gold medallions featuring the Chinese character for Happiness. Its ads add to the beauty of any party or dinner table

  • Traditional Chinese Decorative Table Runner - Red with Classic Chinese Calligraphy Design

A table runner is a great way to add beautiful backdrop to your dishes, platters and centerpieces. This traditional table runner features a beautiful and elegant traditional Chinese calligraphy design. The table runner has cute tassels on both ends of the runner giving it a classy and royal look.

  • Chinese New Year Decoration:

Chinese New Year decoration is incomplete without this elegant and colorful masterpiece. This decoration piece is believed to bring prosperity and good luck in the coming year.

  • Chinese New Year Decoration Pictures:

The decoration pictures called Gong Hei Fa Choi which consists of one lucky boy and one lucky girl is considered to bring wealth when glued on outdoor.

There is tradition of decorating homes on Chinese New Year, the decoration items suggested above will  not only add to happiness of the people who visit your home but will also covey your warmth to them.

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