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With the hot temperatures of summer becoming a distant memory, and autumn taking center stage, I’m becoming more cognizant of just how many reasons there are to love fall. Compiled are my personal Top Ten reasons plus one to love fall.

10. Apple picking/ apple cider/ caramel apples/ apple anything

A cool fall day with the sun shining over head, a sturdy brown basket, and luscious green apples stocked on branches – just the perfect day to pick apples. Now, I’ve never been one to ooze over apples, but the sweetness of an apple picked is greater than the store bought apples. If you get to go to one of those apple picking farms, the chances are that the smell of cool apple cider lingers in the air. As the days grow colder, cold apple cider changes to being warm apple cider. Somehow, warm apple cider becomes ubiquitous, being poured into plastic cups, held by gloved hands and savored as a chill wind whips through the air. On a sunless day when the sunless sky blazons the myriad beauty of cumulus and stratus clouds set off by the variegated hues of autumn leaves, you might consider giving into the temptation and eating just one of the carmeled apples. Fall rolls in to the tune of an apple and carmel beckons the sweetness of autumn.

9. Long Bike Rides through Cool Breezes

With the decrease in temperatures, the weather has never been more optimal to enjoy a long bike ride. Perhaps an area nearby features a long flat bike trail that affords you the opportunity to lose yourself for a while? For while biking is one way to burn off calories, what is perhaps the best about biking in the fall is the way the wind feels fresh, the road is long, and nature whispers of a dying beauty. On a bike, trail permitting there is also the opportunity to listen to a book on tape or CD. Consequently, provides one way to beat the high prices of books on tapes, providing one free book credit a month and massively discounted audio book prices you won’t find in the book store. So go ahead. Listen to the beauty that is War and Peace and get lost in Russian society.

8. Pumpkins

So bright in their orangeness, so big in their rotundness, these giant delights offer endless amounts of entertainment (and tasty food). From carving scary designs, hallowing out the very sticky insides, eating the seeds, and possibly botching out the pumpkin’s teeth, this VEGETABLE has become a beacon by which we announce to others that fall has come. And who can forget the ominous necessity of keeping them out and lit to protect ourselves from the forces that walk the night? What would autumn be without pumpkin pie or pumpkin rolls or contests to see the biggest pumpkin? Centerville, a place in Ohio, features a pumpkin festival every year in which many strange and wonderful concoctions using pumpkin are created for the tasting delight of those who attend.

7. Shoddy Scary Movies and Scary Movie Marathons

Freddy’s prowling through Elm street again and Jason has sharpened his knife in preparation for some more lives to kill. Hunkering down before a screen on a lazy, do-nothing day, flipping on the television affords the possibility that some cheesy horror film will be playing. Watching such films provides the glorious pass time of making fun of the stupid, illogical decisions that some of the characters are making, the very bad special effects of some of the classics (The Langoliers is hilarious), and just the premise of the film in general. Feeling a keen desire for an authentic horror film again? Try the original Shining with Jack Nicholson or the creepy hit Signs. But don’t watch the films alone at night. And for that matter, don’t separate from your party when a killer is on the loose – or go up the stairs!

6. Halloween

Where to start? First, there is the thrill of horribly representing some fairy tale or evil creature at a costume party where there will be apple cider and carmel apples, among other delights. Coupled with this joy is seeing how creative others have become. Then, if there isn’t the joy of trick or treating, there is the joy of sneakily buying too much candy for trick or treaters. Not that you have to buy your favorite kind or anything like that. But for those with kids, there is always the deviant option of pilfering their hard earned goods from them. I still remember how my candy pile would always seem to diminish, eaten quite secretly and merrily by my father.

5. Warm bowls of soup (and chilli)

The air is refrigerator chilled; the wind blasts against your cozy nest and the first frost has finally come. So put away the salads and warm yourself with a hearty bowl of soup. For in the chilly winds of pre-winter’s dawn, soup becomes again the desired reprieve, that living memory of warmth. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might try leaving the soup in the crockpot all day and letting the smell waft through your living space. Commemorate the soup eating by buying one of those cheap, really funky bowls that lets you know this isn’t just soup, it’s autumn soup. Or make a big bowl of chilli and buy oyster crackers to go with it. Nothing for chilly weather like a bowl of chilli!

4. Hayrides

Riding up the hill, I’ll never forget when the cart a bunch of campers sat in began to roll backwards. It would have been fun to report that the cart picked up speed and we all loomed to our deaths, but it turned out to be a mostly unadventureless moment. The best hayrides, however, are when you ride past honeysuckle and fields with miles upon miles of corn. There is also the joy of seating on bales of hay, imagining sleeping on hay, and knowing that when you get off the hay ride, you and several others will have hay-covered bums. Haunted hayrides at night are still better, for beneath the light of the moon atop a bale of hay, who knows what spirits you might encounter?

3. Changing Leaves/ Raking leaves

Vermont, according to people I know who have lived there, is reportedly the most boring place on earth BUT I’ve heard tell that their autumns are sheer beauty. With so many trees, the highlight of autumn is seeing the way the trees leave behind their green leaves and take on a wide variety of colors. Driving past the line of trees, the colors splash against the sky, making the world seem bright once more. Biking under leaves falling around is quite the experience, but then, so is raking leaves. Now raking leaves always sounds as though it would be the most boring experience in the world until you remember that the purpose of raking leaves is to jump headlong into a large pile. Or better still, see if you can become completely buried beneath the variegated beauties. So make like a tree and LEAF!

2. Fall decorations

Ever ridden into one of those towns only to discover that they are all set up with Halloween decorations? The scare crows look just the right sort of dopey, the baskets of apples beam red and the pumpkins are the pride of the town. Who sets up all that work? I don’t know, but some charm permeates the kind of town that decorates. It’s as though they’re saying, “Look at some of the creative talent we have.” Better still is driving past the very done up house with all the crazy Halloween decorations, from dry ice to a fridge with a corpse. Fall décor sure marks out some of the brave souls.

1.Haunted Corn Mazes/ Hay Rides/ Tours/ Houses

We zipped giddily through the corn maze, playing hide in seek in the dark. Never mind that we were intellects or college students or whatever else – for the moment, we were having fun. Corn mazes are just one of the endless possibilities of all the attractions that exist during Fall. A myriad of haunted pops up in all kinds of venues and mediums, allowing us to engage in the quest of becoming afraid. With haunted houses to explore or tours that delve into the haunted aspects of a town, autumn is the perfect time to enter…the Twilight Zone. So go on. Enter into Autumn and all the opportunities it brings.

And FINALLY……an extra hour of SLEEP!!!

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Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

It's so beautiful here in Texas right now that I'm broke, because nobody needs me to repair either an a/c or a furnace. . . .


Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Mmmmmm, bike rides are AMAZING! And I feel disturbed for you...I never would have thought beauty could be unprofitable.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas


I can't combat that statement! That's a WINNER! You could then, following the line of reasoning established in the comments above, infer that I make my living off of the suffering of others!!!!!!!


That's not so bad, so do Doctors and Saints.

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