Top 10 Teen Party Ideas

Top Teen Party Ideas

Lots of teens and their parents wonder how to celebrate a teen birthday? Parents may not know whether to plan a teen party, and if so, what on earth should be included?

The fact is, many teens and tweens do still enjoy a birthday party. But now they are older and have outgrown the cute theme parties they held before. And they definitely do not want any goofy, organized kiddie games at their teen party!

Just as when they were younger, planning a teen party will be much easier once a theme is chosen. Sleepovers are still very popular, especially with girls, but even a sleepover party needs some activities to keep it going.

Here are the teen party themes that are popular today:

  1. Beach Party - This is a casual, relaxed teen party idea that requires little in the way of decorations or activities, because the sun and sand are all that's needed.
  2. Dance Party - You will need a large, clear area for dancing, which is why some teens rent a party room for their dance party. But it can easily be held at home if you can clear out the basement or garage to function as the dance floor.
  3. Pool Party - If the family home includes a backyard pool, this is the next most popular teen party theme! Again, you won't need much besides balloons for decorations, since the sparking water is the main attraction.
  4. Movie Night Party -Your favorite movie and a group of friends are all that's needed for this easy and casual party.
  5. Neon Party - Black lights are a must for this theme to be effective, because all the neon colors used will glow.
  6. Luau Party - Flower leis and tiki torches, playing limbo and eating grilled food all make for a great luau theme party.
  7. Sweet 16 Party - Lots of themes can be adapted to become a Sweet 16 party, although a dance party is one of the most popular choices.
  8. Twilight Party - Fans of the popular Twilight books and movies will have a great time recreating the look and feel of their favorite saga
  9. Spa Party - Mainly for girls only, this is increasingly popular as a party theme. Friends relax and get pampered with mini manicures and pedicures.
  10. Black and White Party - Guests must dress in black, white or a combination of both to be admitted to this party. This lends itself to either a casual or dressy party, depending on what the teen prefers.

There are lots of other teen party ideas that may appeal to your teen, like a limo party, red carpet party, nightclub party, mall scavenger hunt or a bonfire party. For more teen party ideas and planning suggestions, look online for even more teen party ideas.

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5 years ago

You don't need a theme. I prefere to go without one. It limits ideas. I also think classic sleepovers at your house is the best way to go.

If sleepovers at your place sound boring here are some places to go.

Mall (You can have a scavenger hunt)



skating rink

climbing gym

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