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Love At First Sight!

When Toy Story was first introduced to us back in 1995, Americans were very quick to fall in love with the story of these toy characters. And who could blame us? Each character in the Toy Story Trilogy touches us on an emotional level, in addition to just plain making us laugh!

Add to the mix of playful characters the fact that Toy Story was one of the first full length computer animated films ever, and we were awed!

Since the original movie, Disney/Pixar has brought us two sequels, the third of which has just been released on DVD and Disney BlueRay. The third installment, simply titled "Toy Story 3", quickly became America's #1 film when first released in theaters back in June, 2010, and has (to date) grossed over 400 million dollars!

Along with the movies, Disney/Pixar has (of course!) done a fantastic job of creating a Toy Story Franchise. From toys and stuffed animals, to costumes, books, video games, and collectibles, you can find Toy Story themed products everywhere. Which means, obviously, our children are obsessed with Toy Story! Which isn't such a bad thing; I mean, it could be worse, right?!

Let's learn a little more about the plot behind the 3rd Toy Story movie...and then let's discuss some great party ideas for a Toy Story Themed Party!


Toy Story 3 begins with Andy getting ready to head-off to college. While he is packing for school, he decides to take one toy with him--Woody. He leaves the other toys behind in a bag intended for the attic. Not realizing it, Andy's mother accidentally sets the bag of toys in a pile intended for donation.

Thinking that Andy has forsaken them, the toys are very saddened but accept their fate. Woody knows that this was simply a mistake and tries to console his fellow toy friends, but they just don't believe him. The toys are donated to a daycare center and assigned to the toddler room. They find themselves being handled very roughly (as toddlers will do) and miss the loving way Andy used to play with them.

Soon enough, they work up the courage to asked to be moved to another room, but the daycare center's self-imposed leader, Lotso the stuffed bear, won't allow them to switch rooms. Lotso has a mean and controlling side and Andy's toys soon discover that they shouldn't disobey him.

Eventually, the toys discover that Woody was telling them the truth when he tried to explain this was all a mistake--Andy did not intend to donate them. The toys, empowered by this wonderful news, become determined to escape their prison. With the help of Woody, the toys manage to get away from the daycare center and the mean ways of Lotso and make it safely back home to Andy's house.

Knowing that he can't leave his friends behind, Woody rejoins his friends and excepts his destiny of the attic. When Andy discovers Woody mixed in with all of his other toys bound for the attic, he rethinks his plans and decides (with a little "assistance" from a note Woody writes) to give his bag full of toys to one of the little girls from the daycare center.

Back in the arms of a little child who will cherish them and play with them as Andy used to, the toys are happy. They are together and loved, not only by each other, but by their new owner. They can't ask for anything more!


It's easy to see why the Toy Story Movies have become a favorite with children and adults alike! Because of the popularity of the Toy Story movies, and because Disney is oh so good at dong what they do, it's very easy for anyone to find decorations and party supplies for the perfect Toy Story Party celebration!


Whether decorating in general Toy Story decor, or decorating in specific Toy Story 3 decor, it's very easy for you to find anything you're looking for online or at your local party store.  In fact, because Toy Story is so popular and beloved, department stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Meijer will also carry plenty of supplies.

From the perfect invitations, to your plates, cups, and napkins, to party favors and decorations--it's all out there and accessible! Decorate using brightly colored balloons and streamers, use bright colored tablecloths, place Toy Story toys all around for the kids to play with, and hang Toy Story posters all around.

Get started early so you can find the best deals and not feel overwhelmed as your themed party approaches.


Traditional games are always fun, but you can put a fun twist on them.

* A treasure hunt for Mr. Potato Head's pieces and parts will be fun for the kids. Whoever can find all parts and put together a full face quickest, wins!

* Pin the tail on the dinosaur will be fun and entertaining for the kids!

* Allowing the children to bring their own favorite toy to the party and then play together with the others will keep them busy for quite some time.

* Bobbing for toys will remind the kids of the claw game from the first movie.

* A trivia game will be fun for the kids and will give them a chance to show off their knowledge of the movies.

Food for the Party

It's usually always best to keep the food simple. Kids can be picky eaters, so serving everyday foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets will be best. Simple finger foods like chips, pretzels, and a veggie platter will also do the trick. Juice is always better to serve than soda. For desert, you'll definitely want to have a Toy Story themed cake or even cupcakes!

As a party favor, you can send the kids home with some Toy Story candy--PEZ dispensers are probably your best bet! 


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Pinkchic18 5 years ago from Minnesota

So wonderful! This is a great hub, thank you for sharing your ideas.

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The DVD is on my Christmas list! Can't wait to watch it again.

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