True Blood Costumes & Ideas | A Sookie and Jessica Outfit & More

True Blood Halloween Costumes

Want to look like the cast of True Blood.... Sookie maybe? Just about everything you need for costumes and outfits and ideas for your favorite True Blood cast of characters can be found right here. All that's left for you to do is put them on and rock them out. Becareful not actually be mistaken for them and end up going home a vampire on Halloween night. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Notice: We Have True Blood Halloween Costumes !!!! Read below for more details.

We broke into each of their home's and stole some clothes from their wardrobe's. Now your True Blood costume will be a hit at this years Halloween party. Check out what we found. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

True Blood
True Blood

True Blood Halloween Costumes | Outfits & Ideas

True Blood Halloween Costumes | Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse is the illustrious mind-reading blonde from the True Blood series. Snookie works at Merlotte's in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Sookie and her brother Jason were raised in Bon Temps by their grandmother Gran. If you have a secret that you want no one else to know it's probably not a good idea to be around this chick.

This True Blood Halloween costume is pretty easy to put together. Buy a blonde wig a Merlottes t-shirt and apron and a bottom of your chose and you've got your Sookie costume.

Now go seduce some Vampires.

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Found Inside Jessica's Wardrobe

Sharon Wig in Natural Red Adult Standard
Sharon Wig in Natural Red Adult Standard

The Rest of the costume can be purchased by following the links in Sookie's Wardrobe.


True Blood Halloween Costumes | Jessica Hamby

Jessica Hamby is new to True Blood she is an innocent and naive Vampire. Being new to the whole Vampire thing she has her reservations about her new found lifestyle. She is however, becoming known for letting loose and showing her wild side.

This costume is exactly like Sookie's. The only difference is of course the red wig. All that's left is stopping by the store for a bottle of True Blood (if you can stomach that stuff anymore after having a taste of the real thing) and off to the party we go.

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True Blood Halloween Costumes | Bill Compton

Bill Compton is the dark and mysterious Vampire and love of Sookie's life. His life consist of late night rescues of his blonde headed Juliet. Bill also acts a mentor to the young Jessica who, he against he's own will cursed with the burden of being a Vampire.

Bill can be seen wearing many different types of outfits. I envision him in a plain white colonial style shirt and black slacks. A white thermal shirt like the one to the right should be fine. You can watch the True Blood trailers below to get other ideas.

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True Blood Halloween Costumes | Eric Northman

Eric Northman is the thousand year old, Sheriff of area 5 and proprietor of Fangtasia. Mystery looms over Eric. No one really knows if he can be trusted. It is thought that he might have a burning admiration for Sookie, but adamantly denies it.

Eric also has many looks but you can go with the fangs, black tank top, black slacks and some black combat style boots and people will know exactly what look you are going for.

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True Blood Halloween Costumes | Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette is a tough Vampire blood (V) pushing short order cook. He looks and acts tough but you barely have to scratch the surface to see that he has a soft spot for his friends and family. He tries at every turn to help Tara and Sookie stay out of trouble. Lafayette is a gay man with no real on going relationship although, it's looking like that is changing in season 3.

Lafayette's wardrobe is very extensive and flamboyant with an array of do rags and wild and often feminine skirts and tank tops. There are many different ways this one can go. You can mix and match accessories, but if you're well built black man that doesn't mind wearing a decorative tank top it shouldn't be hard to pull this one off.

This outfit to the right closely resembles something Lafayette would wear, but like I said you can make this outfit work many different ways.

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True Blood Season 1 Trailer

True Blood Season 2 Trailer

True Blood Season 3 Trailer

True Blood Season 4 Trailer

True Blood Season 5 Trailer

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Loved your True Blood Costumes! I especially like the Eric and Lafayette ones.

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