How to book 3 days in april time off work into /get 11 days holiday in 2011 for the royal wedding

How to turn 3 days holiday into 11 with a little help from the royal family

People in England and Wales read this and get in quick at the start of 2011 and bag yourself 11 days offwork and only book 3 days off work, but don't hang about because everyone will be queuing up with their holiday entitlement slips to snap these days up before you do.

The saying goes work hard and play hard well i work extremely hard and look forward to my playtime or holidays.At work i only get 20 days holiday entitlement and then with the extra bank Holidays we get in England this adds up to 30 days. Considering there is 365 days in a year that less than 10% playtime so if an opportunity comes along to try and squeeze some extra time and get away from work then I'm on it.

Well this year 2010 Prince William announced his Marriage to Kate Middleton which takes place on 29th April 2011 and what we get with a royal wedding of this importance is an additional Bank Holiday so now my Holiday entitlement is up to 31 days for 2011.

So SIJO1 how do we get the 11 days off for only using 3 you ask, well be patient im getting there let me explain

  • Day 1 April 22nd 2011 this is Good Friday a Bank Holiday in England
  • Day 2 April 23rd is a Saturday
  • Day 3 April 24th is a Sunday
  • Day 4 April 25th is Easter Monday a Bank Holiday in England
  • Day 5 This is the 1st day to take from your entitlement April 26th
  • Day 6 This is the 2nd day to take from your entitlement April 27th
  • Day 7 This is the 3rd day to take from your entitlement April 28th
  • Day 8 This is the day of the Royal wedding April 29th a Bank Holiday in England
  • Day 9 This is a Saturday April 30th
  • Day 10 This is a Sunday May 1st
  • Day 11 May 2nd This is May Day a Bank Holiday in England

So there you have it Days 5,6 and 7 you book off work using 3 of your 20 day entitlement or whatever entitlement you happen to have leaving you in my case 17 days plus an additional 7 remaining Bank Holidays leaving a further 24 days holiday still to take.

As i say when you get back into work on the 4th of January 2011 get your holiday slip filled in and into the boss for a nice 11 days holiday!!!

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keepitnatural profile image

keepitnatural 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

Excellent! Thanks for sharing this, SIJO1! Very clever!

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Keepitnatural thanks for passing by and your very welcome!!

attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

Hi Sijo1 I'm self employed so can work or not work whenever i want, in theory of course. But i still don't have enough holidays. I'm 58 so i'll have to slow down eventually. Just watched the Aussies crumble in the ashes. Don't like Ponting, he's a poor sportsman, great player of course but not this series. I think your hub will help a lot of people, as it's not easy juggling hols. Cheers

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Hi attemptedhumour, have to agree about Ponting and have to say the Aussies have been really poor but good for the Brits and the Barmy Army!! Holidays as you say we dont get enough but any more days are always welcome.Cheers

Georgie 6 years ago

What about Sat April 23rd, sat april 30th and sunday May 1st? Do we not have to book these off too?

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Hi Georgie thanks for popping by well if your lucky enough to not work weekends then you have no need to book these days off but if the Saturday and Sunday are part of your working week then unfortunately you would have to take these as holiday as well. Cheers!!!

Georgie 6 years ago

Ahh ok well thanku for that il be booking my holiday first thing tomorrow!!!

donna 6 years ago

well thats ok for some but if your boss aint letting you have that wedding day off how can we take it we've all got to go in and at no extra cost still going to be on £5.93 hr and that is crap but good luck to u all if you are going to take it off

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 5 years ago Author

Hi Donna yes you are correct that not all companies will allow you to be paid for this additional bank holiday and it can be treated as a normal day unles in the terms of your employment contract, but maybe this is a time too look at your employer and decide if they really have your best interest at heart.Thanks for popping by cheers

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