Two Handmade Mother's Day Gifts That Will Keep Mom Warm and Cozy

Small Gifts are Sometimes the Best Gifts

This is a flannel blanket that's been cut and tied together.
This is a flannel blanket that's been cut and tied together. | Source
Digital photo albums are a great source of entertainment when the memory stick is full.
Digital photo albums are a great source of entertainment when the memory stick is full. | Source
Old fashioned photos can be more relaxing to look through than a digital frame.
Old fashioned photos can be more relaxing to look through than a digital frame. | Source

A Lap Blanket - Who Wouldn’t Use a Nice Blanket?

Holiday gift ideas - we thank Google for most of them, these days. For Mother’s Day this year, don’t you want to make something for your mother that she will actually use, and not just set it on the mantle? Here is a nice gift that will last for many years to come.

Mother’s Day’s handmade gift idea for this year is to make a flannel car blanket or a fleece lap blanket for watching TV or reading on the couch. It doesn’t matter what the blanket is designated for, it’ll get used. Even if you gave a lap blanket and she only uses it for the dog‘s bed, they do get used.

This makes a great handmade gift for men, too. They sell the softest synthetic materials now, and buying two yards of two different patterns (but matching colors) will make a very warm, conveniently sized blanket. Put the materials together, wrong sides together, edges even and laying flat.

There are two choices in this craft gift idea toward turning these two pieces of cloth into gorgeous lap throws and blankets; one is to add yarn fringe, essentially tying the blanket together with yarn, and the other is to cut and tie the edges of the actual material, without yarn, and tie it together using the material itself.

To make and add yarn fringe, select a thick yarn in one of the colors used in the blanket. To make the fringe, cut the yarn into 12-inch lengths and use 5 of them for each step. Grab a hard-bound book (or other object) that’s about six inches wide and wrap the yarn around it dozens of times. Cut the yarn off and then remove it from the book and cut the loops once, making strings of about 12 - 14inches each.

Longer fringe makes a more luxurious feel to the blanket. Make a small hole in the blankets (both layers) with the tip of a scissor about one inch from the edge, and then stick your crochet hook through, hooking those 5 pieces of yarn (which you folded in half) in the center and pull them through the hole - but stop, don’t pull the loop all the way through.

Pull it just large enough to make a loop (an inch or so), and then put the long ends through the loop and pull it tight. This makes a nice knot pattern that goes all the way around the blanket. Adding long, thick yarn fringe (or more pieces used in each hole) makes a piece of cloth into a luxurious, expensive-looking covering.

To cut and tie them together, simply make cuts all the way around the materials’ edges, about an inch wide and three inches (or more) deep, cutting through both pieces of material at the same time. When they’re all cut, then separate the strips and tie them together, making an attractive and kid-friendly blanket border that will last.

Just don’t tie the knots really tight or the edges of the blanket will pucker - but, that adds to the cuteness if you were to also to place evenly-spaced bows of yarn stitched through both pieces (just to hold the two layers together) in rows down one (or both) sides of the blanket.

These make great Mother’s Day Gifts, Birthday gifts for all ages, holiday gifts, or just any time gifts. However, you can save time if you buy a blanket and just embellish it with beads, sequens, fringe, or anything you want.

Give No-Tech or Hi-Tech Family Photo Albums

Those digital photo books and picture frames make good gifts; it might come off sounding like a cheesy gift, and they are very reasonably priced, if you shop around. But once loaded with a memory stick full of photos, it can be hours of entertainment every day, every time company comes, every time it’s looked at.

These come with remotes and you can set it up for her with hand-chosen photos - and these devices show video clips, too. The digital photo-frames use very slight amounts of electricity and they have a timer and so can be set to come on and turn off on time.

One grandmother in Oregon has the digital frame, but she doesn’t appreciate it. For years she’s asked her adult kids for a handmade photo album, like we all used to have. She wants to be able to sit on the couch and go through the pages of pictures one at a time, on her lap. She also wants to know that if she wants to see a picture she can simply pick it up and look at it, and not have to boot something up or get online. If that’s how your mother is, then by all means, print out those photos on good paper and put them in a homemade photo album for her.

  • The old Coupon idea taken further
  • Scented and colored mineral salts in beautiful glass vessels
  • Original spice mixes and condiments
  • Homemade Artisan Pasta
  • Craft supplies (is *enough craft supplies* even a real thing?)
  • Natural cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizers
  • Bedazzled candles and tea lights
  • Handmade blanket
  • Photograph album that’s a paper album, not digital
  • Cedar birdhouse

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