Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Her

" I Don't Know What To Get Her!"

How many times have you heard someone utter these very same words? How many times have you said them yourself? If it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to find a truly personal and unique gift for the women in your life, then you have come to the right place. Below are some of the most unique and personal gifts that you can get for any woman in your life. They are great for any occasion and are sure to bring a tear to her eye when she realizes the thought that is behind the gift.

1. Gift of the Month Clubs

Why not give a gift that doesn't stop giving? Gift of the month clubs are great if you want that special someone to recieve a gift in the monthly intervals that you choose. The possibilities are endless when it comes to which gift of the month club to choose. If a woman likes chocolate, then why not give her a chocolate that is delivered each month. It does not stop there. There are clubs for wine, soap, candles, coffee, and the list goes on and on. Just choose the one that fits the woman in your life best.

Some Options

Gourmet Candle of the Month Club - 6 Months
Gourmet Candle of the Month Club - 6 Months

A selection of specialty-made, premium candles from boutique candle makers nationwide!

Candle lover's newsletter with every shipment

FREE Gift Message by mail or email!

FREE SHIPPING every month!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


2. Photos Drawn As Sketches

This is truly an unique and personal gift idea for any woman. Take any photo that she treasures and have it transformed into a hand-drawn sketch. You can choose any photo and talented artists will do all the work to transform the photo into a beautiful keepsake that she will hold close to her heart for years to come.

An Option For You

Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photos
Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photos

Our professional artists will create a hand drawn pencil sketch based on your photo. These one of a kind sketches are created on premium grade, heavy weight sketch paper with attention to the finest details.


3. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

In staying with the photo theme, you could choose to get her a personalized jigsaw puzzle made from her favorite photo. This is a great idea for the women in your life if they love to sit and do puzzles on those rainy or cold afternoons. The jigsaw puzzles come in many different sizes so you can truly find one that will fit your woman's style.

4. Personalized Magazines and Magazine Covers

This is truly an unique and personal gift that any woman in love would love to hang on her walls. The magazine cover features the photo that you choose. If you want an even more personal touch, Personalization Mall offers Life magazines on a personal level. You can choose any year, from 1940 and get the Life magazine that fits that special time in your woman's life such a birth or marriage. It is not a replication or reproduction but the entire issue that marks what was happening in the world during that special year.

5. Flowering Teapot Sets

 If you know a woman who loves tea, then this may be the gift for her.  A personalized clear glass tea pot and flowering tea is such to be a great hit.  The clear teapot is embossed with the inital of choice and adds a great personal touch to the gift.  When the tea is in the hot water, she will be able to watch it flower right before her eyes and then enjoy the rich and soothing taste of the tea.

6. Name A Star After Her

 This is a gift that she can really treasure for a lifetime.  Name a star after her.  This unique gift idea allows you to choose the star and the name of the star which can then be found in a distinct star chart of the night sky.  It comes with a presentation certificate with the name of the star on it.  It will be something that she will never be able to forget.

Star Naming

name a star gift box
name a star gift box

There are billions of stars in the galaxy, but only one that has your name on it. This touching gift gives you the opportunity to be an astronomer and name one of the countless stars in the night time sky. The majority of stars are unnamed and distinguished only by a catalog number. Once you receive the name a star gift box, send in your star's chosen name by mail or web. With a guide on how to locate your star, a Star & Astronomy booklet, a Star Wall map and presentation certificate, this gift is out of this world!


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wolfpack5 profile image

wolfpack5 6 years ago from Alberta Canada

Good Morning Christina, all I can say is good luck my friend LOL. Sometimes its best to just give them a prepaid card and let them pic their own gift, but thats just my opinion

have a great day :)

ChristinaScibona profile image

ChristinaScibona 6 years ago from The Heart of the Finger Lakes Author

Wolfpack5-I know as I am the receiptant of many gift cards....however I do enjoy a cool gift where you know that alot of thought was put into it! Thank you!

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