Blending of Hearts

Blending of Hearts
Blending of Hearts

The Heart That Remembers

By: Sabrina Delaney -
A message dedicated to all the women that have lost their Valentine, their special love through death or a relationship that has ended.

- The Heart That Remembers -

You were once my true love
A very special Valentine
Today I go it alone
Because you have gone away
And I just want to say

I loved you more than you could know
I miss you now more than ever before
It is not your fault that you are not here anymore
It was a sad day when I held you and had to let go

Like the women before me and those after me
We will feel the longing for our special love
One that was given and taken away
In my heart is where you will always stay


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- It is difficult for me to write this, because I have recently lost a man that meant the world to me. Every holiday he would give me flowers and a really nice card. He wasn't perfect, but I realize now how much I miss even not so perfect. I am so sad, and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Confused Heart - Shirley



I can definitely tell that the two of you had something very special. Relationships are not perfect, but they can be as close to perfect when both partners are as committed as the two of you had been.

Try something different, I want you to buy yourself some flowers and put them in a really nice vase placed on the table. Next, I want you to buy yourself some very nice stationary, the type that you would use to write a note to someone special. Then I want you to get a wine glass so that you can fill it with your favorite wine (or beverage of choice). Next, I want you to purchase a fragrant candle, light it and then place it on the table. In the background, I want you to play a song that the two of you would have listened to on a special occasion.

As you begin to sip your wine, listening to the music, looking at your flowers and your lit candle, begin to write your love letter. Write about special memories, times of laughter, moments of togetherness and address it to your love; your Valentine. Feel his presence, feel the love, relax and enjoy the moment shared between your partner's spirit and your spiritual self.

When you are finished, I want you to save this letter to refer back to for whenever you would like to feel close to him. One day, you will find that you no longer will need to read the letters of love. You will know that he is with you always. Take care Shirley!

- Sabrina Tells All -


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