Valentine - Schmalentine

Valentine -Schmalentine

What has happened to Valentine's Day? When I was young (er) we made big construction paper hearts in school with a built-in pocket that held all your little cards that you were going to get from your classmates. Your Mom bought you a box of Valentines, and you spread them all out on the table pondering which 3rd grader got which card. Daisy & Donald Duck kissing went to the cutest boy in the class, and Goofy (being goofy) went to some boy that you did NOT want to think you even remotely liked him! Now, you have to make sure you have a Valentine for the ENTIRE class, or give none at all. Please- tell me why I would have to give a Valentine to everyone- even that little creep Scott, who liked to call me names! It's wrong!

What has happened to Valentine's Day? When I was young(er), my Dad would get my Mom a big red box of chocolates with red ruffled ribbon all around- and she would save those beautiful heart-shaped boxes in a closet forever! When did "I" go astray and start thinking that I needed to get something for "all" of my loved ones: husband & kids? The kids rarely think of me anymore, ever since they've outgrown their schoolhouse projects of tracing & cutting out cupids, addressed "To Mom". Ever since they stopped using a lacy paper doily as matting for the backdrop to a cut-out heart. How many years in a row did I get the biggest (and cheapest) box of chocolates my husband could find; even after telling him year after year after year- that I only liked Russel Stover chocolate caramels? By the time he finally learned (or should I say: paid attention) to my chocolate of choice; I began to notice that this body no longer needed or wanted the temptation of chocolate! Again- this would take years for him to learn (or again- pay attention to), so for years I ate the unwanted chocolate just to please him on his "thoughtfulness??".

So here we are at present and another Valentine's Day is here. I've received nothing, zip, nada- from my kids...of course. And that's okay...they are no longer my little Valentines either! If you can't make me a paper-heart with a lace doily background after the hours that I spent in labor with each and every one of you...then I can not send you a Valentine's greeting either. My husband has learned: no more Chocolate; Flowers just die; and Big Red Heart-Shaped Boxes in a closet are just an invitation to mice. But a Grease Splatterer??? He told me last week (and I KNOW that he was just testing the Valentine waters; "I almost bought you a 'Grease Splatterer'"). Are you kidding me??

As I write this, we are now some 10 hours into Valentine's Day 2011. I received one Valentine's Day card from one of my sisters with a long explanation written inside on why she has been too busy to visit or pick up a phone, although she lives 10 miles away; and I recived a mini-box of Russell Stover chocolates from a very distant girlfriend who lives about 7 states away (someone who I never see, never phone, but truly must have made an impression on- although I can't figure out why. And kudos for her for knowing I like Russell Stover). My husband greeted me this morning with a Dunkin Donuts Coffee and that's okay. He knows that Valentine's Day for he and I is over, since he ruined that day many years ago. So- I have no Valentine...although I do feel the dog should get one. She's so loyal and so good, but I deep down don't want her here (she's one of my kids' drop-offs). So no...she won't get a Valentine from me either.

Please don't let me ruin your Valentine's Day though. I think it's a great holiday, that should be observed. And I think it's a holiday for lovers! This is why I always remind my married sons through text- "Do NOT forget Valentine's Day. She will say she doesn't care - but she does!" And if there really is an after-life, I am going to try much harder to BELIEVE and to CELEBRATE! No Valentine's for dogs or kids...maybe no dogs or kids either! No Valentine for that mean little kid sitting next to me in school....I'd rather send no Valentines in protest. Perhaps I'll send the long-distance friend a card as I "do" appreciate her thinking of me. I'll make a Valentine for my Mom & Dad every year until the day they die. And lastly...I will give my husband a reason to want to take me away to a Romantic Hotel for the night, and a "Grease Splatterer" will be the furthest thing from his mind!

Valentine's Day comes only once a year - if you have a lover- don't blow it. You can not get this day back. There will be more Valentine Day's, but THIS one will soon be gone...don't let it go, "In A Cloud Of Dust".

Post-script: WAIT!! The Florist just made a delivery just as I was ready to press the "submit" key!! 2 Beautiful Floral Arrangements (1 for me and 1 for my daughter), and they are from my wonderful Daughter-In-Law! I think she loves me...and I am so grateful for the love...even if Flowers just die).

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you

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Reynold Jay profile image

Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

You have talent coming out of your ears and you probably have no idea what a great writing talent you are. IT is laugh-out-loud hillarious and pathos hides in every line in this one. It reminds of a series MONK in which the viewer would laugh and cry at the same time. You do not know it but your Profile is pure genious, I read a writer's book about the 50 greatest opening paragraphs in novels, and you have somewhat duplicated one called "India" "My name is India. I don't know why they gave me that name..." and on it goes. I use that technique in one of my novels because I learned to do it, I suspect you did it from natural talent. We've got to bring you out of the HUB world and into the international spotlight. RJ

Anita Sue profile image

Anita Sue 6 years ago Author

Oh my God....this hausfrau is in love with kindly Gentleman in a suit and tie. Sigh....I swanee kind Sir (Correction: kind and VERY WISE Sir)!

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

So glad the florist came by in time! I enjoyed this Hub very much. Thank you.

Love and peace


Anita Sue profile image

Anita Sue 6 years ago Author

Thank you TonyMac. And "I" appreciate your appreciation! I hope that you had a Fantastic Valentine's Day! And if not a fantastic one- then I at least hope you are loved and know that you are loved!

With all my "Heart" (or at least a portion of it),

Anita Sue

profile image

Motown2Chitown 6 years ago

Love it. Funny, yes. But useful as well. It's all about paying attention to your life - your loved ones, yourself, and how they all connect (or in some cases fail to connect). I'm gonna follow, because in addition to the honesty, I love the wit. :-)

Anita Sue profile image

Anita Sue 6 years ago Author

Thank you Miss Detroit2Chicago for your comments. Glad you smiled - glad you got it. I hope that you have had many a fine Valentine's Day to remember & many more great ones to come.

profile image

Motown2Chitown 6 years ago

I've had three with my husband so far. And they've been exactly what they should be - at least in my opinion - just another day where revel in our love and don't take each other for granted. :-)

Anita Sue profile image

Anita Sue 6 years ago Author


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