Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

Ahh, Love Is In The Air!

I adore Valentine's Day! It's such a fun holiday, both for children and adults. Yes, yes, I know, it's a "Hallmark Holiday", but who cares?! I say, any reason to celebrate and have a good time is fine with me!

Some of the best times I had when I was a kid were the annual Valentine's Day parties we would have at school. Everyone was in a great mood, there was candy everywhere, and we were guaranteed to get at least 2 hours away from our studies!

Preparing for the holiday was fun too. Going shopping with your mom to pick out the little paper Valentine's Day cards you'd give to all of your little friends was so much fun. And preparing little goody bags filled with candies to give out to your classmates was also something fun to do.

In grade school, we would use old shoe boxes as card holders. Mom and Dad were sure to have a box laying around, and being a kid, we were sure to have construction paper, crayons and markers, glitter, glue sticks, and stickers in our "supply kit" to use in decorating these shoe boxes. We'd then put a slit in the top of the box just big enough for our classmates to drop their Valentine's cards into.

Once you got to school the morning of the party, you'd drop your cards into all the little shoe boxes and then wait in anticipation until the time of the party when you could rip the top off and tear into the cards! Ahh, such fun!

Then, of course, there would be plenty of candy, cupcakes, and punch to enjoy while showing each other the cards you received and just enjoying each others company.

Whether you're a school teacher, or planning a home party with your kids on Valentine's Day, here's a bunch of ideas to make the day fun. In this Hub, we'll share with you the supllies you'll need to create your very own hand-made Valentine's Day cards, give you a few ideas of games and activities to entertain the little ones, and share a few recipes everyone can enjoy!

Crafting Home-Made Valentine's Day Cards:

You really can't go wrong with making Valentine's cards--as long as they're home-made, anyone will be able to appreciate the time and love put into making them. The basic items you'll need are:

  1. Construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue stick
  4. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils,
  5. Stickers
  6. Glitter stick

You can get pretty create if you want to and use things such as fake flowers, ink stamps, heart-shaped doilies, and pretty much anything that would go along with the theme and is able to be applied to the card.

All of these supplies can be found at any party supply store, Walmart or Kmart, and especially in the scrap-booking area of any craft store.

Whether you're a teacher helping your students design their own cards or a parent at home, encourage your kids to be creative and do whatever they want! There's no wrong way to be creative. As long as there's some pink and red involved and a few hearts here and there, it's a success!

How To Entertain The Little Ones:

  • A Valentine's Day themed candy hunt will be fun. Similar to an Easter Egg hunt, hide candy around the house or classroom and have the children hunt for it. Of course, to be far, all of the candy (once found) should be split up evenly so everyone gets a equal share.
  • Pin the Wings on the Cupid is fun for everyone--not just the participant, but also the onlookers!
  • A heart-shaped pinata is a great way to entertain the kids--and ware them out! Maybe this should be the last activity!
  • A coloring contest will bring out the childrens' creative side and allow them to express themselves. Be sure to award a prize to each child so no one feels left out.
  • And leading into our next segment, you could also have a Valentine's cookie or cupcake decorating contest. Again, praise each child for their creativity--and then reward them with cookies or cupcakes!

Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas:

Oh, where to begin?! There are so many yummy recipe ideas! Here are just a handful!

  1. Raspberry Tarts
  2. Valentine Cut-Out Treats
  3. Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
  4. Sweetheart Cupcakes
  5. Strawberry Swirl Cake

In addition to all the dessert recipes, you'll want to serve kid-friendly foods before-hand so that these kids don't gorge on sugar-filled treats. Foods such as chicken nuggets, hamburgers and hot dogs, cut veggies with dip, potato ships or crackers, and some sliced fruits will fill them up so that they're not starving once the dessert foods are offered to them.

To drink, something pink or red will do the trick! Pink lemonade or fruit punch, strawberry or cherry soda will also work if you're okay with serving soft drinks.

When Valentine's Day comes along, as a parent or as a teacher, the important thing to remember is that the day is a celebration of love--whether romantic or platonic. For children, it's obviously very important to feel loved, not only by family, but also by their friends and fellow classmates.

So, be sure to include each child in all the games, craft-making activities, and card giving. There's nothing worse than looking at your neighbors pile of Valentine's Day cards and realizing you have a lot fewer than he or she! No one likes that feeling!

Encourage your kids to be friendly and include everyone in the celebration! And teach them that just because Valentine's Day has become a "Hallmark Holiday" doesn't mean it's not still worth celebrating! Everybody can use a little more love!

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slushatwork profile image

slushatwork 5 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks! This is the year my four year old will help to make the Valentine's Day cake. Pray for me, lol!

Mireille G profile image

Mireille G 5 years ago from Kansas

Great ideas, thank you, I will pass some of these on to my grand kid. Valentine is such a fun time for a party.

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