Valentine’s Day - Great Day for Lovers Around the World to Express Their Love

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Valentine's Day is the day for lovers, when the partners exchange cards, flowers and gifts among each other. The symbols of modern Valentine’s Day include the heart shapes, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. All over the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 and people of different countries celebrate this great day in different ways. Lovers around the world, while celebrating the Valentine’s Day, should know the history of this day.

History of Valentines Day

There are several stories regarding the origin of Valentine’s Day.

One of the prominent ones are regarding the story of saint Valentine, who lived during the reign of the Roman emperor, Claudius. Claudius never allowed the young soldiers of his empire to get married since he thought that would reduce their commitment towards their job. But saint Valentine was against his this notion. He came forward and encouraged young couples to get married. But when the emperor came to know about this, he sentenced him to death.

It is this day that we celebrate ‘The Valentine’s Day’. There are other stories too revolving around the origin of this day. It was said that saint Valentine fell in love with the jailors daughter and exchanged romantic letters to her. What ever may be the story, this great day for the lovers to express their love for each other.

It was in 1537 that Valentine’s Day was officially declared as a holiday. King Henry VIII of England declared this day to be a holiday. Only later did the religious devotional cards paved way to other kind of cards.

In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius dedicated February 14 in the name of saint Valentine. February 14 was considered a church holiday until 1969 and finally Pope Paul VI removed this day from the calendar.

Roman Celebrations in February 14th

The ancient Romans celebrated the Feast of Lupercalia to respect the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses on February 14. A feast would be held the coming day during which women would write love letters. Men would select one letter each and spend the coming year with that woman. Finally this tradition came to an end since people began to think that their partners should not be selected through luck.

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Hui (蕙) profile image

Hui (蕙) 5 years ago

Nice hub and interesting stories. By the way, August 6th this year will be July 7th in Chinese lunnar calendar, which is Chinese valentine's day. I just wrote a hub about it.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Hui,

Nice information. I will surely read your hub. Thanks for commenting.

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