Veterans Day Salute

Veterans Day Salute

I would just like to write this tribute to our Nations veterans because they deserve so much more than we can give them as a Country. These individuals are very proud and ask for nothing they don't deserve. I know some veterans who have not even filed for VA disability benefits because they are so proud. There are outreach programs which try to help these veterans. Many of our Nations veterans are part of the homeless crowd. The VA tries to provide support for these individuals by having several homeless Stand Downs throughout the year. If you have clothing, time or money to donate to this cause, please contact your local VA Hospital or VA Regional Office to find out how you can help in this effort.

The men and women who served in our military forces really deserve all of our support in medical care, education benefits, home buying resources and disability benefits. I find that so many of the veterans are not aware of what type of support is available for them. It is our duty to let them know about what is available. We all know someone who has served in our military during the past years or we know someone who is serving in the military now. I have been trying to think of what I could do to say thank you. I woke up this morning to hear their Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, deliver a speech to our Nations veterans. He inspired me to write this post to our Nations veterans. I work everyday in an institution that supports our veterans but it does not seem to be enough. After the killing of so many of men and women both at home and abroad, I really felt that I needed to do something else. This was my way of saluting our Nations veterans on Veterans Day. If you are reading this post, please do something this day to show your support for our veterans. If you cannot do anything else, please post a comment to this post and show your support.

To our Nations veterans: THANK YOU for making sure that I have all the freedoms I have as an American citizen.

For information on resources for veterans see links below.


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