Vintage Aluminum Christmas Trees

my vintage aluminum christmas tree is a little about 3 ft tall. It's perfect to fit on top of a table.
my vintage aluminum christmas tree is a little about 3 ft tall. It's perfect to fit on top of a table.

I tend to be a little obsessed with design trends of the 60s and early 70s and one of my favorite motifs from this era is the aluminum Christmas tree, featuring delicate branches made of shiny tinsel.

They are a gorgeous, sparkly symbol of the space age and in fact, at one point, they were frequently referred to as "Space Age Christmas Trees" by manufacturers. The predominant color for sale was silver, of course, but trees in other colors were made too -- pink, red, green and blue. Today, original vintage pink aluminum trees can be somewhat elusive and they can command some big bucks on Ebay. If you just want the look though, many manufacturers today sell pink Christmas trees as once again the aluminum look is a popular option for holiday decorating.

The first aluminum Christmas tree made its debut in 1959. It was originally manufactured by the Aluminum Speciality Company, but the style was quickly adopted by other manufacturers and they were a huge hit with the public. The aluminum tree maintained its popularity well into the 70s (and of course it is making something of a comeback today).

Today, vintage aluminum Christmas trees are highly sought after by mid-century and space age enthusiasts, as well as those who collect vintage Christmas decorations and other vintage collectibles.

If you are looking to buy an aluminum Christmas tree, keep reading. Otherwise, be sure to check out my article on How to Decorate a Vintage Christmas Tree, for tips on caring for them.

Retro Aluminum Christmas Trees for Sale

Kurt Adler Shaggy Pink Christmas Tree
Kurt Adler Shaggy Pink Christmas Tree

Contemporary Aluminum Christmas Trees

If you find that hunting down the perfect vintage aluminum tree is proving too difficult and too expensive, or you just don't want to have to worry about the delicate maintenance they require, then a contemporary silver tree may just be the answer.

The truth is, an aluminum tree that is made today, decorated with the right vintage or retro Christmas decorations will look just as stunning as a tree that comes from the 1960s. So with that in mind, and with Christmas soon approaching (making it harder to hunt Ebay patiently), here are some aluminum Christmas trees for sale on Ebay. This should make it a lot easier to find just the right tree to function as the centerpiece of your Christmas decor.

Genuine Aluminum Christmas Tree
Genuine Aluminum Christmas Tree

This aluminum Christmas tree features some vintage styling that would go great if you already have some vintage decorations that you would like to use. You will need some serious headroom in the Living Room though as this tree is nearly 7 feet tall.


Vintage Color Wheels offer a great way to "light" your Christmas tree without actually trimming it with lights. This is especially useful for vintage aluminum trees since they usually are not strong enough to hold strands of Christmas lights.

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Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 7 years ago

my best friend family had one of these.There was a color wheel that turned and a spotlight on it.It changed colors every 5 minutes. I prefer the real thing.:)

RGraf profile image

RGraf 7 years ago from Wisconsin

I grew up with live trees every year so I never knew what an aluminum tree was until I saw Charlie Brown. Still didn't believe they existed until my famiily was talking about seeing them in the stores. Wow! You learn something every day. Don't know if I want one still but I would be interested in seeing on up close.

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