Vintage Halloween Themed Postcards

If you want a unique invitation to a party or just like the idea of sending an old-fashioned letter written in your own hand around Halloween, then vintage Halloween Postcards are worth the price. You don't have to go hunting around in second hand shops, or pricey antique shops looking for them, either, because there are some beautiful reproductions available on the market today.

Between 1910 and 1930, which was the heyday of these types of cards, artists were employed to paint artwork for these cards to go to print. In the art deco era, they had the clean, stylised, almost industrial feel, which is one of the hallmarks of that era. You can see it in the cards produced during that time. In fact, many of these cards combine the art deco feel along with the classic feel of a carnival poster, further invoking the overall theme of Halloween.

Depending on what you want to use them for, whether it is to send a single letter, or invite people to a party, you can get single, or books of cards. You can even get posters of many of these cards to go on your wall, which will tie in with the theme. They are so gorgeous you won't even have to take it down afterwards!

Halloween Postcard Books

Getting a vintage postcard book is a great way to get a collection in one go. There are quite a few books out there and they come in either one of two types: you can get a book with all the same card, which is excellent if you are using them to help create the theme for a party, or if you are after a certain "look" when you send out your postcards, or you can get a book with a collection of different cards. These books are usually centered around a theme, or dedicated to one artists or a group of artists who worked together.

Some of these collections are also not in printed book format, but rather available in tins which means you don't have to separate them from the book in order to use them.

As you can see, Amazon has a wonderful collection available. Just look to the side and you'll see part of their collection, and below you can see eBay's listings. These change daily, so be sure to come back if you don't see what you want straight away.

Reproduction Halloween Postcards

If all you want is a single postcard then this can also be done! Believe it or not, for example, the movie "Halloween" is now over 25 years old. (I know I find it hard to believe, too) and the postcards used to promote it are now condsidered collector's items. They are the perfect gift for your horror movie buff friend!

If you don't mind printing out your card or cards, you can also look at the CDs of cards which are available at eBay. It may seem like a strange way to go at first, but if you want the flexibility of having a lot of vintage postcard designs available to you, then this is a great alternative to buying physical cards. If you want to send the cards to your friends you will need to make sure you have photo printing paper in postcard size, and enough ink for your printer before you go down this path. These CDs are available at eBay for very reasonable prices, as you can see below.

Vintage Halloween Postcard Poster

The Halloween postcards of yesteryear are vivid and full of color and action. They look great as posters and it is good to see that other people have decided so as well. There are a large range available to buy online.

The posters featured here are reproductions from 1910 cards, which are especially beautiful. They would look good in any home, and not only during Halloween. If you have an old world theme in your home already, then getting one of these posters can only enhance it. Pick colors that go with your current decorating theme. They'll surprise anyone who has a closer look.

They will also look great on the wall at any party. Even a haunted house will look even better with an old world looking poster on the wall!

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