Wayanad is called the paradise of kerala....u will surely have a nice time here.

v can start from the enterance rite?The main attraction at the entrance is the CHAINED MAN...somthing ghostly....it is said dat the fouder of the route to wayanad was killed by a foriegner for getting the credit in his name ...n dat man's soul is chained as it regularly made some problems...funny rite?

Another must see place is the view point....from where u could have a look at the hilly roads to wayanad...from a hight of some 5000 feets ...the monkeys dere are very friendly and will be in seventh heaven if u offer some food for d poor guys...the wide variety of orchids ,waterfalls,rocks,heavenly fogs n all make u feel wayanad as u start climbing up the hill via the thammaressery churam(wayanad ghats or mountain pass)...there are 9 hair pin turns here

wayanad churam a snap
wayanad churam a snap
it seems dat a turn is ahead
it seems dat a turn is ahead
vow its gorgeous...come here an have a look
vow its gorgeous...come here an have a look

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navels 8 years ago

nice wrk

filton 7 years ago

hi! it has been a wonderful experience with wayanad noticeboard group last week... the 4 day program is something unforgettable, with the trekking through the forest, greenish landscapes, watterfalls... and together with all these natural beauties, the selfless service from the group, made it creamy with joy and refreshment. a lot of thanks to mr. santhosh, MD of the Group...

and even better when i came to know that they r able to help me to get a 5 acre land with negotiatable price.....

feel free to visit their site for further details- wayanad-tourism.com

Shaji John 7 years ago

Hai friends i am From wayandad. PresentlyinKSA. I have land in wayanad to sell. interested can contact me...shaj0073@yahoo.com

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