How to Do Something Nice for Your Mom

Flowers, cards...isn't there anything else?

You've picked out the obligatory card, ordered a nice spray of fresh flowers to be delivered and maybe chosen some sort of locket or something.

Isn't there another way to let your mom know you love her without falling into the trap of a Hallmark cliché? After all, she did do a little bit of work to get you into this world. And this hub goes for those women who have been like moms too--grandmas included! It certainly did take a village to raise me!

So here's a few ideas--some maybe not so new but still better than a ceramic heart box (no offense to those of you who got one for your mom)

The Gift of Time

Take your mom to see a chick flick, go get your nails done, see a play or take a trip to the zoo. Spring is the best time to get outdoors and see the new life springing up, so consider a short jaunt out to the country or a hike in the hills to see the wildflowers in bloom. Maybe there's a spring festival nearby you can check out.

A Gift You Made

Remember that macaroni and yarn necklace you made in first grade and your mom wore all the time? She didn't wear it so much as a fashion statement (shocker), but because she loved that you made it for her.

Up the ante and try your hand at a craft grown-up style. Craft stores have an abundance of jewelry making supplies, so make her something unique that totally fits her. A photo book made scrapbook style or with the help of Shutterfly or Snapfish, a home made card, or something a bit more time consuming like a small quilt are all gifts she'll love because you made them.

Even a homemade dinner speaks volumes. Whatever your bent or style,

A Gift of Words

A simple letter or poem also can speak volumes to your mom. Something like:

Oh dearest Mom
You named me Tom
I love you so
Thought you should know

Haha, ok so that was very simplistic but you get my point.

My Tribute

So with all that said, here's a little tribute to my mom. A bit early, but what they hey.

First of all, she's an amazing woman. Every week she leads a women's Bible study and has counseled who knows how many women. She's a true example of strength and leadership, and she and my dad are blessed to be a shining light for hope for a strong and happy marriage. She's witty, smart, and takes things in stride while always being "emergency prepared." She oozes with creativity and artistic ability, and personally I think more people should sit up and listen to her. She's still young at heart, beautiful inside and out, and more people think she's my sister than my mom. My husband is definitely stoked I've got her genes, let me tell you! She's my best friend, constant prayer warrior, and I'm inspired by her daily.

Love you, Mom.

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haily 7 years ago

2 of my friends did something nice 4 their moms like, baking cookies, and picked flowers! i want to do something nice 4 my mom. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Katelyn 7 years ago

most of my friends did something nice 4 their moms, my mother is the best! i just want her 2 feel like it. think of ways to help my mom! PLEASE!

kimbaustin profile image

kimbaustin 7 years ago from Sunny California

Thanks for reminding me how much the little things matter, especially to moms. I wrote a similar post on "How much are moms worth?" reminding us that we are all miracle workers. I guess I need to take some time out of my busy schedule to pay tribute to my mother and grandmother.

Jill 7 years ago

My mom was so happy when I did this. Thanks!

Katie 6 years ago

I want to make my mum happy but i don't know what to do

julia p. 6 years ago

bring here roses and buy/make her a card.

laura 6 years ago

it worked i made my mom a card for her!! and she loved it and im on the plane this min (im on my mob writing this) on my way to diseny land all cause i made her a card and pluss my mom is a millon air so we don't have to worry bout money yeyyyyyyy love this (whoeva made it thankss)

cool 6 years ago

the other day i made my mom a very nice day and did not be mean to my sister but my sister did mean to me but i did not tell on her even thoe i really wanted to i new my mom wood be very very very streasted if i did

sydney 6 years ago

The best thing to make your mom or grandma not only on motherdays or a card made from you not bought and all the words that you truly think of your mom or grandma say something nice a poem and she will be happy couse it is all yourown words......................;)

maira 6 years ago

hey you could do some flowers and do a card that say i love my mother then cloro a picture

molly entwistle 6 years ago

just say the two magic words! love you xxx

isabella 5 years ago

thanks for helping me do something for my mom that was so nice of you too do that thanks and love you all bye.

Ron 5 years ago

My mum recentally broke up with hercboyfriend and on my b-day she didn't look all that happy I will try this thanks

naba 5 years ago

thanks for helping me figgur out something nice for my mom!

Ralph 5 years ago

I love mums

ashlee 4 years ago

this is the best idea clean the house and maybe your mum would thank u cuz wen i did it my mum was like ooooo my god thanks sooo much.

Abby 4 years ago

Thanks u made my mom so happy when she saw r house . flowers . porch . new jewerly. she fanited and woke up and yelled omg she cried a little I'm so happy my mom is glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swahili 4 years ago

mom you are the best!:)

abdullah 4 years ago


Mayah 4 years ago

Please somebody help I want to give my mum something really nice Please help

abby 4 years ago

i love my mom u can make her breakfast in bed or u can bring her a jewerly when it was mothers day i brought her a bueatiful jewerly with my own allowence.

love u mommy

Ya Mum 4 years ago

Haha use r ALL spelling mum wrong !

Its Mum not Mom. Get ur facts right !!

Amy 4 years ago

It's probably because their American so why don't you get your facts right;-)

buttercupp 4 years ago

so right

plus i sewed a quilt and gave it to my MOM [NOT MUM]she loved it and i made her huge paper flowers in a vace and she almost started crying she was so very happy.and if you really want to know how i feel think about all the nice things your mom has done[cleaning,cooking,]and try to redo them[clean the living room,make her brekfast in bed] and DO NOT fight that will make her stressed and if you want to get a nice card for her serch for cards for moms and you'll need a printer but you go to images of cards for moms and pick out a card that says i love my mom well hope that helped

jke water 4 years ago

this is good

steven slothweater 3 years ago

omg this is the best prezz evs

jojo 3 years ago

Nice ways

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