Weekend Of Celebration

Weekend Of Celebration

 This weekend was a great weekend after 27 years I'm back with my high school sweetheart and her 14 year old daughter. Last night we walked around and celebrated Halloween for 2 hours and it was really good to do something as a family. Today is my girlfriend's birthday so her day started with me making her breakfast in bed, followed by a nice family picnic in the park. Later this evening she and I went back to the park for a date with a blanket and homemade apple pudding I made for tonight. We just got  done eating cake that her daughter and I made for her. All day long we have been wondering if our little one would be entering the world today. If she does she is 14 weeks early. I can't wait until  our little girl is born. I feel her move and kick so much. Nothing is more awesome than being involved with a pregnancy. other than our daughter being born the greatest treasure i have of her is pictures of her head,arms,and little foot. I hope my girlfriend enjoyed this weekend as much as I did. I'm really glad I was here to celebrate her birthday.

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Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 6 years ago

That's really good to hear that you had such a great weekend !!! Congrads on the baby,..I am sure you'll be a Great Father !!!! HOOAH !!!!

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