What I Want For Valentine? Is To Hear Your Voice In Which I Love !

Telephone booth
Telephone booth
Cell phones
Cell phones

Valentine Short Poem

Send me no love letters for


Send me no notes

Send me no candy

Send me no Floats

Send me no messages with your

love jokes

Send me no Smileys from Smiley Central.com

No pillow fights please,

because I have some

Send me no hugs,

because I'm loved greatly from above

Pick up the phone and call me right away

I want to hear your voice in which I Love

I don't care In which technology you choose

to use

I'm sure you can find a Telephone booth on


Please no Valentines messages on the forum

I want to hear your voice in which I love!

Try Ma'Bell is she still working?

Your cell phone just might work; which in your pocket

you shove




Boost Mobile

That's just a few to name

Call My Valentine's Please!

I want to hear your voice in which I love


(c)2010(Sharon Smith)

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SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello stricktydating,A Voice from a love one I much prefer.We forget the importance of real love and someone special.Thanks for you visit here @ my page.

Sharon Smith

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 6 years ago from Australia

That's great! I'm someone who always wishes my guy would call rather than text - so we can hear eachothers voice! So I really enjoyed this poem!

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas Author

Ha ha ha,Thanks fiksy02. Things are good.I hope you have a bless Valetine.

fiksy02 profile image

fiksy02 7 years ago from London

d voice would be nice if it comes with some chocolates and flowers. come on that's always a girls dream for valentine!!!

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