What Is Your Dream Idea For 40th Birthday Gifts and Presents? What DO women want?

One of the problems that most people face when it comes to buying gifts for any occasion can be summarised as follows:

  • What have they already got? (the recipient that is)
  • What do they need?
  • What will show them that you have thought really hard about the gift?
  • What will show them that you care?
  • Can you afford it!?

40th Birthday gifts are even harder since we want that particular day to be rather special and important. We want the gift not only to hit the above targets but also be memorable. For that reason, include some of the ‘experiences’ as well since memories can be carried for ever. But if you want to, there are plenty of other gifts that you can buy.

Is Chocolate your Perfect 40th Birthday Gift?

40th Birthday Gifts For Men

If you are thinking about 40th birthday gifts for men then you are on fairly safe ground if you go down the gadget route.  These can come in many shapes and sizes, all you really have to do is to think about some of the hobbies that the guy is into.  Are they computer nerds, or perhaps sci-fi fans?  Do they love working with their hands -a lathe, a jigsaw cutter, blow torch, even a soldering iron with make them smile!  Think hi-tech as well. There are plenty of techy things around. 

40th birthday gifts, for him, will often be something which has a meaning to them.  Men don’t talk about their feelings, but they like to feel grounded to their lives.  They will remember the toys that they had as kids, or adventures that they went on.  Why not start talking to them about these things and dig around a bit.  You could then recreate that positive experience.

40th Birthday Gifts for Women

Women are a completely different ball-game. The problem isn’t just the above complexities either! I have actually had to stoop to asking my wife about her 40thbirthday. The problem is that they often feel undervalued, but by society and by men. Even if they are career women, they are also often the people who look after the children, the house and the men in their lives! That’s a huge toll, and there is no wonder that they are exhausted by bedtime. So, the best way of choosing the right 40th birthday gifts for women is to think carefully about who they are as people. Women want to be pampered for who they are, and valued for that, not just what they do.

One of the problems that men having buying 40th birthday gifts for her most important day is that they tend to thin of what they themselves would like. It’s not that they are being selfish, just that they find it difficult to think of anything other than the kind of things that they themselves would like. Women seem to find it so much easier putting themselves in another person’s shoes so that they can imagine what they would find most valuable and meaningful. Men can help themselves by noting down first of all the woman’s character. What is it like? Out going or stay at home? Do they often look tired? What do they thrive on? Would they like a day out with you, or with friends? What are their interests? What kind of TV programs do they watch? If they could have one dream fulfilled what would it be…and can you provide it?

And don’t forget the kids! Women love their kids dearly, but they sometimes just want a break. So if you decide that the perfect present is some time away with you, make sure that you have the babysitting taken care of. Make sure that your 40th birthday ideas don't all become a waste of time because you have spent the whole day shouting at the kids. That said, it would also be a mistake to not include them! I would suggest that you have a special day out with them before the birthday itself, and that they should have their chance of making mum feel very special. Include them as much as you can. And when they go to granny's house, make sure that they get to do something special too.

Perfect 40th birthday gifts for sisters

My sister is way off 40 at the moment, thankfully, and I am certainly not the main man in her life. But I can still pay attention to the same points as I am doing as my wife approaches 40. My sister is into craft beading. She is also into pampering. The one problem with both older and younger brothers is that we can easily see our little/older sister in the same light as when we were both younger and living at home. We have to get past that and pay attention to the young woman that she has become. She has a wide circle of friends, and enjoys going out with them. She also enjoys pampering for hours on end but often is the one who arranges everything for everyone else. I know that she enjoys surprises though, so for her the best thing that I can do is to pre-arrange an event for her, where she is the centre of attention. I know that through my parents I can secretly get in touch with her friends and it would be a simple matter to send her off with them for a pampering session at the local spa.

But don’t think that 40th birthday gifts for females need to be all girly! Not a bit of it. There are some women who would love nothing more than a track day in a sports car, or going out mountain biking. It’s the whole thing of making them feel special that matters.

Have you had the perfect thought for 40th birthday gifts for your wife? Do have you had a perfect creative moment for your sister? Are you having some sort of party and have come up with a novel way of putting together the 40th Birthday invitations? If you have, then please do let other readers know by leaving a comment below.


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