What Not To Give Men As Gifts

People On The Internet Lie

That's why you should not trust all guy gift ideas you see online. Including this one but read on first before you decide.

There are plenty of sites with different lists of what to give a guy during occasions like birthdays and whatnot. If the list has a Ferrari in there, it's probably a good list. But if it is full of old "guy gifts", beware. The person you are giving that gift to might not be as thrilled as you expect.

With that out of the way, let's look now at what gifts you should avoid when shopping for a guy.

1. Men Don't Need Another Mug

Sure, people would appreciate you and your selfless thought of giving a gift. But you're not the only one who thought of giving a guy a mug. If you truly want a good gift, give him something to put in that mug. A nice draft beer, good coffee, or even a good bottle of his preferred poison would be more appreciated.

2. Cologne

If it's for your significant other, sure, go ahead but if you are giving it to a friend or family member, check out other alternatives. Guys can pick out their own colognes, well, most of them do at least. So just leave this purchase to them.

Also, wouldn't it be weird to give a guy a cologne as a gift? It's like you're saying what you want him to smell like. Or worse, it's like saying that he stinks and probably needs cologne.

3. Pets

Of course, unless the person you are giving it to has expressed his want of a particular pet, it would be a good idea. But if you are not sure, don't give pets as gifts. Even if someone said he wanted a dog, don't rush and buy him one. Any pet need a responsible owner and someone who may not have the time or the patience to take care of a pet even if he wanted one in the first place may not be a responsible owner.

4. Something Involving A Hobby

If you really want to support a guy's hobby by giving him a gift, make sure that you know what he is in to and what he already owns. You could end up giving him something that he already has. You could end up giving him something that is not compatible with what he is working on/with. You might give him something that is inferior to what he already has.

This is very important for guys who have hobbies that you are not very familiar with.

5. A Sweater

Sure, it would be a practical gift for a guy living somewhere cold and it's more special if you made it yourself, but if you are 0 for 2 after reading that part, take that sweater back where you bought it and try again.

If you are going to give a guy a gift that he received a lot of while growing up, give him toys and video games and he'll be happier for it. Just make sure that they are into it though.

Parting Shot (Heh)

"I'm tired of receiving good whiskey/scotch/wine."

-No Man Ever

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