Who took 'Christ' out of Christmas?

My handmade nativity set
My handmade nativity set | Source

“Happy holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” “Winter break,” “Holiday cheer,”…the list of Christmas verbiage goes on. Tell me, friends, whatever happened to Christ in our Christmas?

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Christian. You may not catch me knocking on your door or slapping a bible in my hand but my heart and soul belongs to the Lord. I don’t attend church religiously and I’m capable of sinning just like everyone else but my spiritual foundation remains solely with Christ. So when Christmas arrives every year I am the first one setting up my nativity set and celebrating the true meaning of the holiday—the birth of Christ.

Sadly I’ve watched this blessed holiday become the battle grounds for a growing community of atheists eager to express their unhappiness with the term ‘Christmas’. Even our silent recognition of a holiday that has belonged to Christ and Christians alike has been debated by the non-conformists of our country. Something that has been celebrated for centuries around the world is now being shredded and degraded and considered an inappropriate term in our schools.

Having worked for 16 years within a public school district I have witnessed the defiling of the Christmas season as it has crumbled and bled into the more acceptable term of ‘winter break’. As an employee I was not allowed to call it Christmas in the classroom. We were informed that our right to religion was to remain outside of the school so we were no longer permitted to share the traditional story behind Christmas and Christ’s birth. How pathetically sad that our fellow countrymen can deny us our right to celebrate our savior’s birth in a tradition that is centuries old, created long before atheism was an acceptable religious attitude. Yet Halloween, every bit as much a religious pagan holiday, is celebrated with great enthusiasm down to the children parading through school halls decked out in their clever costumes. It’s okay to see the devil stomp through schools but we can’t even whisper about Christ. What’s wrong with that picture?

Now it seems front yard nativity scenes are in the news as they encroach on neighbors’ religious views as being offensive. What’s with that? Once again Christians have been targeted as the bad guy. Really?

It’s one thing to debate gay marriages and abortions, but to deny our right to celebrate our Lord’s birth is beyond upsetting, it’s ludicrous. Nobody has the right to determine the meaning of this sacred holiday. It’s ours! You can’t change it, or debate it, or defile it. Complain all you want but Christmas will always be about the birth of Christ and the unconditional love and devotion Christians dedicate in keeping the true meaning of Christmas alive.

So when I sit down to fill out my ‘Christmas’ cards while I listen to my vast selection of ‘Christmas’ songs, or I rearrange my ‘Christmas’ nativity scene as I overhear a movie playing in the background called “A Christmas Story” I am savoring the joy of celebrating Christ in my Christmas with or without the general public’s blessing.

On that note, Merry Christmas to one and all!

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justthemessenger profile image

justthemessenger 3 years ago from The Great Midwest

I know what you mean. I go to the "holiday" parade in my town every year and see very little in the way of Christ centered participants. However, I think that as believers we have slacked towards the efforts in the public debate. Why aren't there churches or ministries handing out tracts during these 'Christmas' events?

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