World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day takes place every year on the 25th April. The choice of the date is to coincide with the march of the many thousands of Antarctic Adelie Penguins as they head north to follow the sun and leave the darker south polar winter days behind. They need to take advantage of the light as it makes hunting fish just that little bit easier. In terms of migration they do not travel too far, only about six hundred kilometres but it does make a lot of difference.

How should you celebrate World Penguin Day? It really is up to you but do check out your local zoo. If they have Penguins then they should be doing something special today. Perhaps they are giving talks to raise awareness that Penguins are facing in the wild today. Why not tell a penguin joke? Spread the word about world Penguin Day on Twitter and Facebook. Dress in Black and White? Adopt a Penguin? Make a donation to a Penguin charity.

The World Penguin Day should not be confused with Penguin Awareness Day which takes place on the 20th January each year.

Penguins are just one of the many wonderful creatures with which we share our planet. Days like these allow us to contemplate the fact that we are not alone. We are all here together


It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.
Joe Moore

Famous Penguins - Chilly Willy

Famous Penguins - Pingu

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lemonkerdz profile image

lemonkerdz 3 years ago from TRUJILLO, PERU

my wifes favorite animal on par with the sloth. These are beautiful animals and seeing how they live sets the example for the human world.

Go penguins!!!

maustinpeace profile image

maustinpeace 3 years ago from Amsterdam

I love penguins, we let's save Pingu and Chilly Willy's home!

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