Write to Santa with a Free Dear Santa Letter Template


Help Your Kids Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Every year, kids eagerly await Santa's Christmas Eve flight and the promise of wonderful gifts if they behave (and the fear of coal in their stocking if they're on the Naughty List!).

But how does Santa know what they want to find under the tree on Christmas morning? One great way to make sure he gets it right is to help your kids write a letter to Santa Claus, and these free Dear Santa Letter templates can make it more fun.

Using a Dear Santa Letter Template

These printables are already designed with Santa in mind. They're all available free online to download as .pdf files, and then you simply need to print them out and let the kids write their letter. If you have several kids, or one makes a mistake and needs to start over, it's easy to just print another one.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is great writing practice for young kids. For little ones, you may want to ask them to say what they'd like to tell Santa and then you can write it and help them practice signing their name. Or you may want to use the template that includes a place for a photo and let them draw a picture, and you can fill out the rest according to their words.

For older kids, you can help them practice their skills spelling and punctuating. This is also a good way for them to learn the various parts of a letter, such as the opening (or salutation), the body, and the closing, and it's a great opportunity to teach kids how to write a cordial letter. For instance, you can encourage them to start with a polite enquiry about Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves, rather than an immediate request for toys.

The dear Santa letter templates shown here are all free to download. Simply click the website name under the image you like to visit the page and get your free dear Santa letter stationery.

Then sit down and have some holiday fun with your kids!

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SaraDuggan profile image

SaraDuggan 4 years ago from California

These are great printables to use for writing Santa letters. It can be used as a homeschool writing lesson as well.

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