Year of the Ox: Happy New Year ASCII Text Art - ASCII Cows Too


The Year of the Ox is one of the 12 signs/ years of the Chinese zodiac. The people born in the Year of the Ox like the outdoors and nature. The Ox people are serious, like traditions and quiet places. The Ox person can be a little too straight forward, they like to keep to themselves a little and tend to hide their feelings.

People born in the Year of the Ox tend to hold a grudge, never forget a face and take revenge. Ox people are not good losers and don't like failure, or the feeling of having failed at something.

The ox, strong and historical (often oxen pulled the wagons for pioneers because horses were not as strong), is not very popular when it comes to creating ASCII art. So I am including cattle and bovines in general with the oxen. Even though it is the Year of the Ox, it would be kind of sad to just have one poor ASCII ox standing there.

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