Unique Wedding Cakes

With the world being all about personalization these days, why not make your wedding cake your very own. Anything can be done if you (your cake decorator) puts their mind to it. The wedding cake is the center piece of the wedding reception. Everyone will talk about a personilized unique wedding cake for years to come. There are the formal 3, 4 and 5 tier cakes, sheet cakes and even the Leaning Tower of Pisa cake. Your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go. Take it all the way to the cake.


There are several different things you can use to decorate a cake. Flowers, ribbons, edible characters and figures. The possibilitys are endless.

m+m cake
m+m cake

Candy on the cake

 Using candy to decorate a cake is a fun twist on a traditional wedding treat.

cinderella cake
cinderella cake


 Gownella featured Disney wedding cake options for brides who love Cinderella. This is one of the creations they came up with.

simpson's wedding cake
simpson's wedding cake

Simpsons Wedding Cake

 Why not have your favorite cartoon join you at your wedding.

the beatles yellow submarine cake
the beatles yellow submarine cake

Yellow Submarine

 In the spirit of YELLOW SUBMARINE, here are George, Paul, John & Ringo with the rainbow and the psychedelic wedding cake with the yellow submarine on top.

skull and crossbones cake
skull and crossbones cake

Skull and Cross Bones cake

 Well, some people may say a wedding is a death.

mario brothers cake
mario brothers cake

Mario Brothers Wedding Cake

 Maybe this couple met at a gaming convention for Nintendo.

voltswagon cake
voltswagon cake

The Voltswagon Cake

 Even Hippie's need a unique wedding cake.

deer cake
deer cake

A Hunters Wedding

Any deer lover would enjoy having this camo/deer wedding cake.

tennesse stadium cake
tennesse stadium cake


 The bride and groom meet while going to school at Tennesse Uiversity.

star wars cake
star wars cake

Star Wars Wedding Cake

This cake was a strange request considering Luke and Leia are brother and sister. But when you love Star Wars who cares.

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spliffic09 profile image

spliffic09 7 years ago from Illinois Author

Cool Cakes

Chelsea Alvarez 6 years ago

Wow, that yellow submarine cake has become a huge inspiration for me... Hopefully, I'll be able to recreate my own for my wedding!

melodyandes profile image

melodyandes 5 years ago

Wow amazing,

shari 4 years ago

Where in the world did they get the 2 deer head cake topper for that grooms cake? Would really love to know where to get one.

Marie 4 years ago

need the DEER cake topper ! Wedding in Sept.2012...info PLEASE

Joey 3 years ago

Please, can anyone tell me where to get the buck & doe toppper??

jon 2 years ago

Deer head cake topper where is it

buddy 2 years ago

Was wanting to know if you know we're to find the cake topper on top of the hunting cake the two deers

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