A Few Christian Christmas Poems

Christmas Day

I wonder on that Christmas night

  How many passers-by

Beheld that strange and lustrous light

   In Bethlehem's patch of sky?

We know how the shepherds chanced to be

   Unto the stable sent,

But did that star some rich man see

   And wonder what it meant?

They've told us of the crowded inn

   And of the laughter gay;

But was there none who entered in

   On the first Christmas Day

To say he'd seen a wondrous sight

   And bear the news to them

That God had hung a beacon light

   High over Bethlehem?

Of all the throng that hurried by

   Did no one lift his eyes

To read the glory of the sky?

   Were all so worldly-wise

That God should bid the angles sing,

   Upon that midnight clear,

An anthem to the new-born King

   And only shepherds here?

I wonder is it still the same?

   Are we beyond his reach?

Have we, pursuing wealth and fame,

   Grown deaf to gentler speech?

Should such a strange thing come to be

   And angel choirs appear,

Would only watchful shepherds see

   And thoughtful shepherds here?

Edgar A. Guest

My Christmas Prayer

Christmas means more to some than others,

Times have changed you know,

How gleefully it is not,

to see a homeless man

barely wrapped,

sleeping in the snow,

Oh God on high,

touch many hearts

to lend a helping hand,

not just for one as such as this,

but for many a homeless child,

woman or man.

D. Alsup

Music For Christmas

Let us have music for Christmas...

Sing out the carols of old,

Rejoice in  the birth of the Christ child,

The most wonderful story e'er told.

Sing with a heart filled with glkadness

And love for trhe heavenly King...

Lift up your voice with song and praise

until the rafters ring.

Let us have music for Christmas

In the glow of candlelight,

Mingled with snow and mistletoe

And shepherds that watch the night.

Sing of the star and wise men, too,

And angels watching above...

Bring once again to the homes of men

The gift of wondrous love.

Let us have music for Christmas...

Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth;

Let each of us try, with a song in our hearts,

To bring peace to men on earth.

Mildred L. Jarrell

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