A Few Christmas Christian Prayers

This Christmas Day

God bless you on this Christmas Day

With happiness supreme

And may you gather all the gifts

Of which you ever dream

May all your friends remember you

With sentiment sincere

To add a world of pleasure and

To multiply your cheer

God bless you with the courage to

Pursue each noble quest

And grant this golden Yule will be

By far your happiest

May all the ornaments and lights

Upon the Christmas tree

Reflect the peace and comfort of

Your loving family

May every moment of your life

Seem wonderful and new

And in the year aweek away

May all your dreams come true.

James J. Metcalfe

A Christmas Prayer

O Lord...

We humbly bow before our secret place

And thank Thee for the bounty of Thy grace

Teaxh us to value most, eternal things

To find the happiness that giving brings

To know the peace of misty, distant hills

To know the joy that giving self fulfills

To realize anew this Christmas Day

The things we keep are those we give away.


Marvin Davis Winsett

That Thou May Find the King

These gifts I wish for you this Christmas day,

These simple gifts the heart may ever hold:

The faith to see the Holy Star's clear ray

Leading to Bethlehem; the treasured gold

Minted from friendship through the changing years;

The frankincense of hope to ease despair --

The myrrh of love that will illume your tears,

Revealing Heaven through the gate of prayer.

In the garden of your thoughts may there be flowers,

Petaled with all the beauty you have sown

To burgeon for another's perilous hours --

Who walks with beauty never walks alone.

These gifts I wish for you, and may they bring

The chrism of peace that you may find the King.

Mabel Law Atkinson

Have A Bless Christmas Holiday Season!

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mruptrend 5 years ago

Thanks, I enjoyed your article! God Bless

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BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago Author

And Thank you mruptrend so much for visiting.Have a Great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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