A Few Kids Christmas Poems

It's Christmas

Candles lighted

in a row,

Casting shadows

as they glow.

Holly, pine

and mistletoe,

On the lawn

New-fallen snow.

Stockings bulging,

How they strain --

By the mantel

Once again.

Eager faves

Breathless pause --

Speechless wonder

Of Santa Claus!

Children's laughter,

Oh, what joy

For each small girl

And each small boy.

Surprise and rapture

In each eye --

Have you guessed

The reason why?

It's Christmas

Alice B. Johnson

Beneath The Mistletoe

(This is a cute poem for a small girl that was used many a times at some of our Christmas programs. The girl holds a bit of mistletoe over her hear or stands under the mistletoe in the room.)

Beneath the mistletoe I stand,

You know tis Christmas Day;

I wonder if you understand

Why I'm placed this way?

My face is lifted don't you see?

My lips are puckered too;

I have now a gift so free,

'Tis a kiss from me to you!

The Snowman

Once there was a snowman

Stood outside the door

Thought he'd like to come inside

And run across the floor;

Thought he'd like to warm himself

By the firelight red;

Thought he'd like to climb up

On that big white bed.

So he called the North Wind,

"Help me now I pray.

"I'm completely frozen, standing here all day."

So the North Wind came along

and blew in the door,

And now there's nothing left of him

But a puddle on the floor!

Author Unknown

Merry Christmas

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the poems. If you have a few kids Christmas poems you would like to share please share them with us here.

Thanks again and have a Great Holiday Season!

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