A Few More Happy Birthday Poems For Your Boyfriend

Happy Birthday!

I decided to share a few more happy birthday poems for your boyfriend. There are so many great ways to express yourself using poetry. I hope one of these works for you or feel free to share them with your girlfriends.  I started with a few but I had to add a fourth one.I hope yoy enjoy them.

I Love You

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

Well it always sounds good

when they say it in the movies,

But it's a little redundant for me.

So I guess what I really want to say is

I like you a whole heck of a lot

And I'm glad it's your birthday

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Have a Happy one!

D. Alsup

Awesome Birthday

I like the way you put

your arms around my waist

Tilt your head to the side

and kiss me upon my face.

These thoughts of you carry

me through the day.

With my eyes open or closed

I see you in every good way,

Have an Awesome Birthday!

D. Alsup

I'm Glad

I'm glad it's that time again

Let me have your full attention,

To tell you what's on my mind

And I won't forget to mention,

How much I want this special day

To mean so much to you,

I wish you the

Happiest Birthday ever

In everything you decide to do.

D. Alsup

Magical Love

Your love is magical

Your love is real,

I can't hold back

I must tell you how I feel,

The passion for you

Deep within me

Won't let me be still,

Your Birthday

Is the perfect time

To show you

What's surreal.

D. Alsup

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If you have a few more happy birthday poems for your boyfriend you would like to share please do so here. We would like to hear from you.

Thanks again.

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