Reasons Why People Should Be Thankful

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A Thankful Heart

Why should I be thankful, someone may ask. There are many reasons as to why a person should be thankful. And, there are benefits associated to a thankful heart.

People who are thankful are less stressed, they are cheerful, they do not complain or murmur, they appreciate life and what it has to offer, their blood is flowing at a normal pace and the lungs are pumping blood at a normal rate (they have a low chance of developing hypertension), they have positive mentality or thinking, they are cheerful, they are able to think clearly and focus ahead.

Looking at the society today, it is with no doubt that people who live longer, are healthy and young even in their late seventies, are people who have a thankful heart.

They are thankful for waking up, they are thankful they can breath, smile, eat, walk, read a newspaper, write, smile, laugh, think, jump, play, drive, flirt... The very fact that you can smile is a reason why you should be thankful. How many are not smiling that you know and do not know of? Probably Many.

How many people have been hospitalized for more than three months? The pain is unbearable while others are in comma? If you can read this article, gaze at the night sky, admire the beauty of the view of the sunset; how many people are unable to see the beauty of the world because they are blind?

What about those people who cannot hear? How many times do you listen to that favorite song? They rhythm, the tune. The words, the sound. The instruments. The different genres of music. Reggae, HipHop, Classic, Country Music.

And how many people are unable to speak? To say to the lady, I Love You. The fact that you can express your love in words. The fact that you can express what is in your mind with ease through words than using fingers and body movements.

You should be thankful if you can read and write. Many people especially in developing countries are illiterate. Many parents are not able to pay fees for their children's education. This in turn means they cannot get a middle level job and will have to survive on less than a US dollar a day.

It does not matter which conidition you are in, everyone has a reason to be thankful. If you have an attitude or habit of being thankful everyday, you will appreacite life more, enjoy each day, think clearly and perform well in whatever you will do. You will not form the bulk of people who die at a young age because of stress which could easily be avoided.

Be thankful. And you will see your life turning for the better.

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GoodLady profile image

GoodLady 4 years ago from Rome, Italy

Well, THANK YOU!!!!

This is my experience too. The secret is trying to remember to be thankful most of the time. As soon as I do remember, I almost always feel better.

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