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Jews of Hubpages, What should I wear to Kol Nidre services tomorrow? What to expect?

I will be attending my very first high holiday like service tomorrow night at a synagogue I have never been to. It is a conservative synagogue. I do not own dresses. Can any Jews or people who know a good bit about Jewish services advise what I should wear. Will dress pants and a dress shirt do? Are there commonalities that all of these services usually have. Am I correct in thinking it will likely just be a couple hours of singing Hebrew I don't understand? Very nervous about it.

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Lori Green (Craftypicks) says

16 months ago
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    Peeples 16 months ago

    Ok Thank you. I was thinking dress pants and a nice sweater (60's temps tomorrow night which is chilly for us). I planned for makeup but did not plan on wearing jewelry. I didn't even think of that. Thanks again!