Aphrodite Costumes


The mythological goddess Aphrodite has captured the imagination of people for centuries, and in the not too distant past, the attention of Hollywood, as they focus on fantasy movies based upon legends of the past.

Another familiar practice where Aphrodite gets a lot of attention, is at toga parties, which pander to that particular subject matter, which keeps much of that period alive, although not for the reason most college professors and administrators would hope.

What that has done hass kept Aphrodite in the minds of people, which makes great subject matter for a Halloween costume or cosplay.

There are a lot of styles of Aphrodite costumes, and what I did in writing this article was to think in terms of whether the costume would probably fit in at a toga party.

If the answer was yes, I included a photo, as I think these would work better as a Halloween costume as well, and represent the mythological female god as she is mostly imagined.

Kylie Minogue as Aphrodite

This was a cute photo of Kylie Minogue dressed as Aphrodite, and offers a good look at what a costume of the mythological goddess looks like. With Aphrodite, the accessories are as important as the general outfit, and the wrapped footwear and head piece add a lot to the overall look.

Cute Kylie Minogue in Aphrodite Costume

Tight Fitting Aphrodite Costume

I find it interesting in looking at various costume themes when you can just look at the costume and know who it is, even though there aren't necessarily significant features other than what is imagined as to what the person may have looked like. That's the case with Aphrodite, including the nice costume below, because if you dress up like a woman of that time Aphrodite is the first name that comes to mind when seeing the costume.

Aphrodite Halloween Costume

Aphrodite Costume from "Clash of the Titans"

Owners of the "Clash of the Titans" franchise officially approved of some Aphrodite costumes in connection with the film, and the one below is among them. The hair is unique in the costumes of Aphrodite I've seen, and is a good differentiator for sure. The arm bands and wrapped legs, again, add a great touch to the beautiful costume.

Aphrodite in "Clash of the Titans"

Aphrodite in Red

While Aphrodite costumes are usually predictably white, it was interesting to find this red Aphrodite to offer a totally different look to the goddess. The pieces hanging of the waist and wrist bands look great. This would be a stunning costume at any party.

Red Aphrodite Costume

Aphrodite Costume with Short Skirt

This particular Aphrodite costume has some sparkles to it, which are a nice touch, and the way the outfit is wrapped around the one shoulder looks great. Cute costume.

Since Aphrodite and women of those times didn't wear skirts of this fashion and length, it offers a distinct look for the woman wearing it, while still being able to be identified as who she is representing. The sandals and top ensure that.

Short Skirt Aphrodite Costume

White "Clash of the Titans" Aphrodite Costume

Here's another official "Clash of the Titans" Aphrodite costume. The flow of the outfit is nice and the waist band gives it a nice contrast to other costumes. The way the top stair steps down below the sash is very compelling as well. Very cute costume.

Aphrodite Costume from "Clash of the Titans"

Aphrodite Costumes

Halloween, toga parties and cosplay are great uses of an Aphrodite costume, and there are so many to choose from, it's highly unlikely to show up with the same costume as someone else. Just be sure to have some additional accessories for back up if you think it may be an issue. This is especially true of a toga party, where everyone is wearing the same theme.

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