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It's true that technology has given us many ways to communicate, like it employed every sector of life and made this world a seeming global village in which we can talk to people miles away in matter of seconds. Of course, one of the benefits, and probably one of the most important, is being able to greet someone dear to you in special occasions such as birthdays. Back in the days, only greeting cards were available, but now you can simply text them a message, like a quote then greet them a happy birthday (MMS would have been better).

So What's With These Messages?

It always has been tradition to greet someone you know, either personally or by simply giving him a greeting card, in special occasions (especially birthdays).

Well, giving a quote about how much dear to you the birthday boy/girl is will surely brighten his or her day up. It gives the feeling of being special, like providing for some need. As a matter of fact, never underestimate the importance of giving birthday messages, as being loved is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

How Do You Go About These Messages:

There are a lot of ways. Of course, the best one would be to think them yourself. Since you know what kind of a person he/she is, you'll know his/her soft spots, his/her interests, and any stuff you may deem important. A birthday message needs to be special.

Another thing is you can grab a quote from the net, as there are many birthday messages posted in the internet out there. You can send them through e-mail, sms, or even as a message in Facebook.

Some Tips To Make Your Birthday Messages Truly Memorable

Giving your birthdays message can be pretty tough, especially if you really want to make an impact. Regarding this, here are some important tips to help you go along and deliver the best birthday message for your loved ones:

  • Always be personal. While you may quote some movie or book characters who have delivered excellent messages, it's always best to go personal. Target his/her soft spots, as it would really make them smile as well as get touched by your message.
  • Have it go along with a nice gift. A gift will always be awesome, no matter what it is. For this, pick something really special, like a custom designed t-shirt or so.
  • Plan ahead. While you may say that this is just some kind of a birthday speech, birthdays are always special. Besides, you wouldn't want to stutter while on-stage do you?

If you can't do it however, it's always best to have a birthday card to go along with your electronic birthday message. Also, try your best to be the first one to greet, as it would deliver a lot of impact. Trust me on this one!

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