Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Birthday Party Themes for Kids

The taste for adventure and the passions of the masculine universe begin in infancy. Therefore, cars, superheroes and soccer are the most requested in the time to organize children's parties for boys. The exception is the first or second anniversary, when the age seeks a more "peaceful" environment.

When boys grow up a little they tend to fantasize about there heroes or roll models, among these are superheroes cartoons and football players, it would be great for the child to have a party, specially if it is is birthday party, to have a theme that the child is familiar with.

If you want to have a themed party for your child check this great boy party themes, i'm sure you will come up with great ideas for a birth day party for your child.

Check out the following five themes preferred by parents and kids:

5 – Mickey Mouse Party Theme

The most classic theme, bringing the main characters in the Disney baby version has Mickey Mouse as the protagonist of the party. Great for birthdays and first two years, the decor calls many elements in the tone light blue.


  • Dress the birthday boy as Mickey! It is either the baby Mickey (a blue monkey suit) and Mickey adult (white blouse, black jacket, red bow tie and black pants). Both should use the trademark: tiara with black ears.
  • Use as a center of a table napkin in the shape of the character's face. Complements the arrangement with Disney dolls.
  • Make personalized invitations with a photo of the child by replacing the image of Mickey in Disney Baby class.

4 - Spiderman Party Theme

One of the most beloved superheroes among boys, Spider-Man has starred in several films, cartoons and games. Colors of the party are the blue and dark red, which must permeate all aspects of decoration.


  • Bet on a backstage hair and makeup for the production of children. In the face of the boys, spiders can be painted. In girls, more delicate motifs such as flowers, stars and hearts.
  • The birthday boy will certainly want a Spiderman costume. Look at specialty stores: As the topic is high, you will easily find a ready costume!
  • It is essential that the webs of spiders scattered throughout the party. The raw material is simple: use arrays of strings.
  • Because it is a fairly common theme, it is not hard to find personalized ornaments in specialty stores, from decorations to complete, invitations, napkins, plates and glasses.

3 - Batman Party Theme

Another beloved hero by children, the Batman defies the imagination of the boys. The theme requires an environment decorated with dark colors, like black and blue, with touches of yellow and red.


  • The birthday boy will love to dress like the character he loves and the Batman costume is also easy to find. To help characterize the environments, nothing like distributing masks and layers of character for the children invited.
  • Look for companies that specialize in leasing balloons and sticks, trampolines, pools, balls and other toys that can stimulate the "heroic struggle" among the characters in the story.
  • You can find on the market cups, napkins, plates and other items to make up the party. Look in stores or specialized sites.

2 - Cars Party Theme

One of the most successful films for the boys feeds the passion for cars since childhood with a special color. The successful race car Lightning McQueen is among the most requested party items.


  • Are available in the market by brand licensees various objects to help in decorating. Table decorations special bag for souvenirs, decorated plates, centers and tablecloths, napkins, cone hat, veil, and even metallic balloons that give great impact to the scenery!
  • How about dressing the birthday boy as a race driver? He'll love it!
  • Abuse of references to banners, signs and traffic cones and to signal the party.
  • If there is space, provide cars and little motos and create a track for the kids play and drive!
  • The tablecloth of the guests may be checkered (black and white). Also decorate the space with piles of tires.

1 - Soccer Teams Party theme

The World Cup is over, but soccer clubs are always high among boys in love with football. Choose colors of the boy's team and make the party!


  • Use footballs as mobiles to decorate the space.
  • If you have space, why not a mini field?
  • Do not let the boys play outside: distribute pompons and petticoats and hire a cheerleader to entertain the women's wing.
  • The birthday boy deserves to wear the uniforms of his favorite player. Characterize it as a mini ace!

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