How to wrap your gifts, ideas for novel ways for gift wrapping presents.

Gift Wrapping the Eco-Friendly Way.

You can use an additional gift such as a scarf to wrap a gift with...

the above easy to follow videos demonstrate the technique to use.

If you do not want to use commercial gift wrapping paper here are some ideas...

Alternatives to commercial gift wrapping paper:

  • You can use a Japanese style 'Fabric Wrapping' on your gifts and presents.
  • This style of gift wrapping is suitable for all occasions including birthdays and Christmas time. See the videos on the way to do this attractive gift wrapping style.
  • You can use green gift wrap if it is available if not tissue paper is better than glossy wrapping paper.

Use Tissue Paper to wrap your gifts.

You will need more than one layer but this is a paper that can be composted and so will not end up going to landfill sites. Even if it does go to landfill sites it will rot down faster than shiny papers. Tissue paper now comes in a wide range of colors and some is even patterned. See further down the page for tissue paper wrapping ideas.

  • You can your gifts in brown parcel paper which can then be hand decorated by you. After use brown paper packaging can go onto the compost heap as it will compost down.

Remember that if you get presents wrapped in commercial wrapping paper you can re-use the areas that are still in pristine condition.

Gift bags and bottle bags or bottle tubes are a good idea as theycan be re-used to send future gifts.

  • You can make fabric bags to put your tissue wrapped gifts in if you like or wrap the gift in an extra gift such as a scarf or a re-usable cotton shopping bag.

Alternative Ideas for Gift Wrap.

  • How to use re-usable fabric wrap for gifts.
  • Furoshiki gift wrap.
  • Wrapagami gift wrapping.
  • Stylish gift wrap.
  • Tissue gift wrap.

How to wrap Books and bottles in a stylish and eco-friendly

Why Wrapping a Gift in an Attractive and Interesting Way is Important.

Wrapping a gift takes a time but it is worth doing well. The hiding of the gift with wrapping is a great way of creating a sense of anticipation and surprise about what is inside the parcel. The art of wrapping is almost like setting the stage for the gift you are giving.

  • To make the process of gift wrapping easier it is a good idea to get all the items you need together before you start. Looking for a lost reel of tape, ribbons or the scissors when you are halfway through wrapping something is not my idea of fun but I have done it many times.

Why wrapping a gift well transforms the of giving a present

Without wrapping a gift loses the excitement of the mystery of wondering just what is inside this parcel that someone has given you.

Most people would agree that part of the pleasure of receiving a gift is the anticipation of what it is that might be that is hidden beneath the wrapping.A present wrapped in a stylish way shows that you have spent time and care on selecting and wrapping the gift.

Stylish gift wrapping does not have to be expensive and if you are reluctant to waste paper that will end up on a landfill site then there are green alternatives to glossy and glitzy gift wrap.

Imagine handing over a gift beautifully wrapped or being given the same gift tossed into a plastic carrier bag. The same gift from the same person giving it, but one gift says - 'I spent time and effort on choosing and wrapping this' and the other way hints that even if the gift is just what was wanted, it looks like an after thought that has been bought at the last moment.

Wrapping a gift with colored tissue paper wrapping

  • Tissue paper is thin so it is not sturdy enough to use as a single sheet to wrap.
  • Depending on how thick the tissue paper you are using is you will need at least three or four layers. For some things two sheets used together may be enough for wrapping scarves or lingerie but anything like a box or books with corners will need more layers.
  • Remember some of the paler colors of tissue wrapping will be almost transparent unless used in enough layers.
  • Use sellotape lightly to stick down the paper where you fold it, try not to have a heavy handed approach as it will spoil the appearance of the gift wrap. A delicate ribbon wrap around the gift and a nice gift tag in matching colors can enhance the look of the presents wrapping.

Gift wrapping you can make a pouch or wallet from felt -

or if you are really clever make a fabric or felt version of a bottle bag or tube. Felt is non-fraying so it is easy to use once stitched together you can decorate it with other felt shapes, sequins, ribbons or buttons.

How to Wrap a Gift Neatly.

Wrap a Bottle in a Novel Way.

Ideas on How to Wrap a Cake for a Gift

If you are giving a cake as a gift you will probably wrap it just before you give it to the person who the present is for. Wrapping a cake up too soon could cause it to 'sweat' or go moldy.

  • The easiest way to give a cake as a gift is to buy a nice tin that it fits well into and then if you wish to wrap the tin in paper and place a bow on it. Or put it into a gift bag.
  • A cheaper way to wrap a cake as a gift is to wrap it in foil and then put a layer of tissue or gift wrap over this.
  • You could buy a cake box, if you cannot find one in the shops a bakery might sell you a suitable size of cake box.
  • You could buy a hat box to use to put the cake that you are going to give as a gift. Before you place the cake into the hat box wrap it in foil or grease-proof paper you could add a layer of tissue paper wrap over this. You may want to stand the cake on a sturdy paper plate inside the cake box or hat box. If you are using a hat box for this purpose by keeping it clean the person has an additional gift as well as the cake.

Work out the way that best suits the type of cake you have bought or made as a gift as transporting it in an unsuitable container could ruin your beautiful surprise.

  • You could wrap the gift cake in foil or grease proof and then gift wrap it using the fabric wrapping ideas that are shown on this page. A square of fabric knotted on the top of the cake parcel could make a really cute gift wrapping idea.

For a gift of home made cup-cakes you can buy gift boxes for cup-cakes...

If you have baked a gift for someone then it is worth presenting it well to match you culinary skills.

  • Cup-cake gift boxes for different quantities of cakes are available and a cake always looks nice when given presented in a decorated storage tin.

A Stylish Way to wrap Gifts.

With Christmas gifts traditional wrapping styles still have a place and can look great beneath the tree. If you want to be 'environmentally good' using colored tissue paper is better than commercial shiny gift wrapping.

There are creative ideas that can look equally good if you want something modern and different. When it comes to giving a present for other special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays you really do have many different styles to pick from.

If you are anxious about how good your gift wrapping skills are wedding presents or if you are giving an expensive piece of jewelry, then in such cases it can be wise to let the experts wrap the gift for you at the point of sale.

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Thank you jule729 , I am pleased you found this useful. I just hate to see all that glossy wrapping paper going into the bin Christmas morning and knowing it will then go to landfill.

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Wow! Great hub! I like the videos. The content is very useful, unique and eco-friendly too!

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Thank you for leaving a comment, I am pleased you found this useful.

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These are all great ideas about how to wrap a gift. I agree that the anticipation is the best part.

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